Local activists, organizations condemn President’s statements

MaithripalaLocal activists and organizations have condemned President Maithripala Sirisena’s recent statements wherein he appears to be indicating a withdrawal from the obligations the Government had committed to in the consensus resolution passed at the 30th Session of the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) in October 2015.

In a joint statement, 144 local activists and organizations said that it is worth recalling that the Government as a co-sponsor of the resolution in Geneva, was in a position to negotiate the exact terms of the resolution.

“Owing to the Government’s positions taken at these negotiations, the resolution in itself was a compromise, much to the disappointment of many victims and activists. The Government now appears to be backtracking from even these compromised commitments. The President in these interviews categorically stated that foreign judges and experts would not be part of the process. In his interview to BBC Sinhala Service he also went on to express his full confidence in the existing judicial system and in Sri Lanka’s investigative authorities. In that interview he added that if there was any international support necessary for Sri Lanka that it was only for economic development,” the joint statement noted.

The statement also noted that on 26 January 2016, a few days after the Presidents interview to the BBC, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe in an interview to Channel 4 appeared to be engaging in damage control when he stated that that the Government will abide by commitments given in Geneva.

“These contradictions between the President and the Prime Minister are however not new and have been a constant feature of the Government’s public communications about their commitments under the resolution ever since the resolution was passed,” the joint statement added.

The local civil society organisations and activists said that it is widely acknowledged that the victim communities in Sri Lanka consider a purely domestic process to be untrustworthy.

The joint statement noted that the President’s comments come at a time when his Government claims to have embarked on a process of consultations on the design of transitional justice mechanisms outlined in the UNHRC resolution.

The statement also notes that these comments severely compromise that process and cast doubt on the intentions of the entire endeavour. There are also reports that the Government has already started drafting the necessary legal frameworks to put in place these mechanisms, which local civil society say then raises the question as to whether the consultations will be merely tokenistic. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Obviously, President Maithripala Sirisena is going to learn. Wise people learn from others’ mistakes; smart people learn from their own mistakes, but fools don’t learn at all. Sri Lankans have been fighting since the independence, because fools are leading Tamils and Sinhalese. People like us never got a decent position or respect in the developing countries; this gives inequitable advantage to the Westerners to fool the billions of people continually. This clearly explains that we are the enemies for ourselves.

    • [ because fools are leading Tamils and Sinhalese]
      So say the Antany the world foremost pseudo intellectual who live in New Zealand on unemployment benefit. Way to go Antany get a job and make some contribution to the Kiwi Tax payers that you sponging off fro year’s.

  2. of course my3 is right to have a look at this useless nations’ resolution.
    we cant let these foreign so called do gooders dictating how we conduct our affairs. we have to do it our way not the yanks or british or the useless nations’ way.
    who the devil are these local activists and organisations. why dont they come out and identify themselves instead of hiding behind these fronts.

  3. Sorry-sena has asked to remand at least two Rajapaksas, guilty or not for anything….. This loser is trying his best to distract the people from the actual situation. he can fool some people, but not all will be fooled. The end of yahapalana is near at hand.

  4. do not forget this president was member of that SLFP party which was corrupted and looted public property over 50 years. all dirty political leaders are same in this country. sirisena also same like others. now he is in middle of mud fool. every day he is worries hoe to wind next election by his party. you do not need know rocket sincere here, just thinks how many dirty corrupted election loss his party criminals were got minister post???. you look how many corrupted people’s files are pending without charging by attorney general department?if you do not want to file criminal changers what wad the reason you waste money for investigation? soon this president real face will come out. before any thinks he needs to make statement explain to public what happen $17b money robbed by his dirty corrupted party members.so accountability will come soon like counting the born. when the man death in any place with jungle law like here that was end. look some of criminal dirty monks go to the court and asking to release murders what a kind of animal society.


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