Paranagama Commission says 40,000 figure a myth

Justice Maxwell ParanagamaThe Missing Persons Commission, also known as the ‘Paranagama Commission’ says the figure of 40,000 civilians killed during the final weeks of the war is a myth.

A statement signed by the Chairman of the Commission, Maxwell Paranagama, said that the issue of how many people were killed has been raised once again by Channel 4 presenter John Snow during a recent visit to Sri Lanka.

The Commission says it has dealt extensively with the issue and all available figures makes the allegation of 40,000 civilians killed a myth.

The Missing Persons Commission claims that a no-fire zone never existed during the war as the LTTE never agreed to a no-fire zone so the allegation that the army fired into a no-fire zone is baseless.

The Commission also said that it will provide details to the families of those reported missing during the war based on the outcome of the investigations conducted by a special investigations team.

It said that investigations have also found that some former Tamil Tiger members who were reported as being missing after they surrendered to the army, are now living in a foreign country.

The Missing Persons Commission meanwhile said that it was awaiting confirmation from the Presidential Secretariat on the next public sitting.

There have been reports the Government may not extend the mandate of the Commission from next month. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Mr.Paranagama, you are trying to cheat the international community by telling lies.Do you know that 146,679 people were missing from Vanni after the war? Do you think they were just evaporated? The goverment carried out a genocide by bombing from air,land and sea,after designating no fire zone.This is the truth and it is already written in the history.

  2. Channel 4 is the media organ of the Tamil diaspora. One of its senior management is a tiger sympathizer. What more evidence do we need. The Government officials entertaing Channel 4 in Colombo are also traitors of the nation.

  3. Peiris; Totally baseless accusations… Do you have any proof of this or is it only your wild and highly partial guesses? You seem to be so used to it being so easy to bribe each and all in Sri Lanka that you take for granted that the same goes also for high positioned officials in the UN and foreign media. That is not the case.

  4. Please check with Australia, Canada and England, more than 30,000 Tamil people in the missing list are living there in different names. Drug trafficking money in Tamil Diaspora is used to buy UN and other officials to accuse Sri Lanka; so people such as Channel 4 is paid same way for giving publicity. .

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