MBD Group donates A-Level Science text books

o His Worship A. J. M. Muzammil the Mayor of Colombo. Also in the picture is the Chief Librarian of the Colombo MunicipalityThe MBD Group of India recently donated important Advanced Level Science books to the Colombo Municipal Council in celebration of its 150th anniversary this year.

These books will be distributed among the eleven libraries run by the CMC in Colombo city and will greatly help AL students to further enhance their knowledge in science where the availability of science AL text books are limited.

In a parallel event the MBD Group of India also conducted a very successful Science Symposium for Sri Lanka’s provincial Additional Directors of Education to familiarise them with its range of good, high quality English text books for Physics, Biology, and Chemistry.

The respective authors of these books flew down to Colombo to share their thoughts with the Sri Lankan educational authorities. Among them were Dr. B.B. Arora and Prof. Ashok Sabharwal (Biology), Dr. S.P. Jauhar (Chemistry), Prof U.N. Tripathi (Physics) and Ms. Jaya Sharma (General Science).

The MBD Group, India goes on record as pioneering ‘Augmented Reality’ for education and learning in Sri Lanka with the launch, late last year, of Nytra, an Augmented Reality app. Poised to bring a whole new dimension to education and classroom learning, Augmented Reality in education helps bridge the gap between information on paper and the real world.

Nytra is an app which makes images and illustrations in books come to life through videos, digital content, animations and voice, allowing students to grasp concepts and lessons in a fun, easy and active manner.

In a message, Senior Director of the MBD Group Mrs. Monica Malhotra said, “The Constitution of Sri Lanka considers education as a fundamental right. World Bank statistics say that Sri Lanka will spend up to 6% of its GDP on education this decade. I also learnt that Sri Lanka has literacy rate of 98.1%. This is highly laudable and possibly the highest literacy rate in South Asia and one of the highest in Asia. In this 21st century, teaching methods need to revitalised and taken to the next level. We believe in liberating teachers and students from the traditional classroom where learning and teaching can be monotonous. This means creating a new platform with an enriched environment in classrooms which will pave the way for a better understanding and dissemination of knowledge”.

“We have the resources and infrastructure to provide e-learning, skill development training, capacity building and more. This diversity is a result of our understanding that the best kind of education is possible only through a holistic approach. We look forward to spreading this inspiration to make the education system in Sri Lanka one-of-its-kind in the sector”, she added.

MBD Group is one of the leading education companies in India and is equipped with more than six decades of experience. It is the first publishing group to pioneer digital innovation in the education sector.

Over the years, the group has diversified into E- Learning, M-Learning, Skill Development, Capacity building, Eco Friendly Notebooks, Stationary, Paper Manufacturing, ICT Infrastructure, Hospitality, Real Estate, Mall Development and Management. The Group has established its presence in three continents across 30 countries.

MBD Group’s wide range of Nytra enabled school text books for Grades 06 to 12 are distributed in Sri Lanka by all the leading book stores. The Nytra app is free of charge and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.


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