Nasheed may attempt to stay in Sri Lanka or India

Britain MaldivesFormer Maldives President Mohamed Nasheed says he may look at the option of staying in Sri Lanka or India before returning to the Maldives.

The AFP news agency quoted Nasheed as saying he had not yet decided whether to return to the Maldives. He was speaking at a press conference Monday in London where he has travelled for medical treatment.

Flanked by his legal team including Amal Clooney, Nasheed said he would need to consult on his next move, quoting British punk band The Clash to explain his position.

“The regime would have a tendency to call me chicken (if I stayed away),” he said, impressively cheery for a man with such an uncertain future. It is very important that we have a democratic Maldives and a stable country, that also brings stability to the Indian Ocean. Therefore it is important that I do whatever I can to see that we go back to democratic principles. Would that be served best if I am inside or would that best be served if I am say, for instance, in Sri Lanka, or in India. It’s a tough question. The Clash has answered it more eloquently, ‘Should I stay or should I go?” Huffington Post quoted Nasheed as saying.

Nasheed, 48, arrived in London on Thursday after being granted 30 days of leave from the Maldives for spinal cord surgery in a deal brokered by Sri Lanka, India and former colonial power Britain.

He and his lawyers visited 10 Downing Street on Saturday, where Prime Minister David Cameron pledged support, the AFP news agency reported.

Nasheed became the first democratically-elected president of the Maldives in 2008 and served for four years before he was toppled in what he called a coup backed by the military and police.

Last year, he was sentenced to 13 years in jail on terrorism charges.

Clooney, who is married to Hollywood film star George Clooney, argued for “urgent” targeted sanctions against figures in the Maldives government allegedly responsible for human rights abuses, including asset freezes in the European Union and US and travel bans. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. I urge Sri Lankan government not to welcome him because his presence in Sri Lanka will jeopardise your nations so many interests. We urge Her Majesty’s Government to deport him as soon as possible! His presence in the UK is becoming a menace. We wish he chose another planet for spinal cord surgery!

  2. If Nasheed is out there, Maldives will never see peace. He is the person behind all upheavals and problems backed by US and the West. Obviously, Maldives foreign policy and its tilt towards East cannot be digested by them. So, they are using Nasheed as a tool!

  3. I would like to add few comments to Mr.Ismail Firaq since I was present in the Maldives during those events which led to the resignation of President Nasheed. The people of the Maldives brought Nasheed to power because they were thirsty for change in 2008. However, dreadfully, we foreigners who were working as accountants in the resorts also saw that Nasheed’s actions were leading his wobbly new democracy back to its darker days. He was playing the dirty game by buying opposition parliamentarians giving them huge amounts. One example is the then vocal Mr. Waheed who’s current Chairperson of Nasheed’s party. He arrested politicians like Abdul Yameen, the current President and Mr. Ibrahim Kasim of Jumhoarey Party. Basically, those days were the darker days in Maldives. But now, what I see is a dedicated Government working for the betterment of the people by bringing in investments.
    I also support Lasanka’s comment because the Colonial powers with US are trying to ruin this part of the world.

  4. President Nasheed was a puppet president for India by selling the international airport to GMR, by selling prime locations in capital Male’ to TATA india for real estate. Nothing materialized as they planned, as Maldivians forced him out of office when he abducted Criminal court judge in November 2011. He is serving a 13 year jail sentence for this crime. I hope our best friend Srilanka will not be an Indian puppet to host him here.

    • The colonial masters see us Srilankans’ as house maids, and maldives as fisherman. So if you want development you have to get their permission. If you do something even good, without their permission, then it is not democratic, it is violation of human rights, and it is genocide etc. I call all brothers in Maldive to stand against this modern form of colonialism disguised as democracy and human rights. We know what is good for our people.

  5. During Mr. Nasheed’s tenner in office he pedlocked suprime court. He bought parliament members to his party. Abducted criminal court chief judge. He was forced to resign after 21 days of public protest against him. So how can one champion democracy while he too wanted an totalitarian government, but failed.

  6. And there go the Clooneys once again mocking democracy, the rule of law, and “human rights” for their own personal gain. Read all about Amal’s “work” on the Maldives case at “Meet the Clooneys” Google it.

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