GMOA suspects hidden motives behind kidney racket claims

GMOAThe Government Medical Officers Association of Sri Lanka (GMOA) today said it suspects hidden motives were behind the allegations of a kidney racket involving Indian patients and Sr Lankan doctors.

Secretary of the GMOA  Dr. Nalinda Herath claimed that there is an attempt by India to discredit Sri Lankan doctors through the allegations.

He said that as far as the GMOA is aware, the Indian police have yet to formally inform Sri Lanka about the involvement of Sri Lankan doctors in the racket.

The Indian police had said that they are looking to question six doctors practicing in Colombo and some Indian doctors working in different hospitals in Ahmedabad, Gujarat over the recently busted kidney racket.

While the doctors in Colombo had performed surgeries related to transplantation of kidneys, the doctors in Ahmedabad conducted diagnostic tests on the patients and donors.

Nalgonda Superintendent of Police Vikram Jeet Duggal had said that to take the case to the logical end, interrogation of the doctors in Colombo is necessary.

Dr. Nalinda Herath said that the GMOA has recently spoken against a proposed trade agreement between India and Sri Lanka and he feels the allegations being raised against Sri Lankan doctors is part of attempts by India to take revenge on Sri Lankan doctors for attempting to block the trade deal.

He also said that earlier Sri Lankans used to visit India to conduct kidney transplants legally but with the facilities now available on Sri Lanka, not just Sri Lankans but even Indians are having it done in Sri Lanka legally but the Indian police are claiming it is being done illegally as part of a major kidney racket.

The Sri Lanka Health Ministry had last week temporarily suspended kidney transplants for foreigners at Government and private hospitals after the racket in India was linked to the six local doctors.

A three member committee has also been appointed to investigate the alleged kidney racket.

Health Minister Dr. Rajitha Senaratne had ordered a full investigation into claims by the Indian police that the doctors attached to some private hospitals had conducted kidney transplants for Indians who were involved in a major kidney racket. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. can the Indian police also investigate the Indian doctors who have killed Sri Lankan patients and run back to India to evade prosecution? Or is that too hard for this smart a…

  2. The GMOA with their wildcat strikes, for frivolous reasons including car permits has discredited themselves. They do not need Indians or any other outsiders when they have very successfully done it themselves!

  3. It was in ‘news’ for many years that Sri Lankan doctors are behind the kidney racket but why it is a surprise to GMOA now? These ungrateful people called “doctors” getting the education from poor people’s money but let them die in their ‘strike action’ ignoring the risk of patients in hospital beds. Criminal charges and death penalty should be imposed to any doctor who involves in ‘strikes’ and letting any patient to die. please read this article on kidney racket which is very old


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