Indian police ready to grill Lankan doctors over kidney racket

KidneyExchange.Al.Cincinnati.transplant.1-30-2006Six doctors of Sri Lanka practicing in Colombo and some Indian doctors working in different hospitals in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, will be questioned by the Nalgonda district police in the recently busted kidney racket.

While the doctors in Colombo had performed surgeries related to transplantation of kidneys there, the doctors in Ahmedabad conducted diagnostic tests on the patients and donors. To take the case to the logical end, interrogation of the doctors in Colombo is necessary, said Nalgonda Superintendent of Police Vikram Jeet Duggal, The Hindu newspaper reported.

Welcoming the Sri Lankan government’s decision to suspend the kidney transplantation surgeries of foreigners in the country, the SP said it would help expedite investigation into the racket.

“Working with Sri Lankan investigating team is necessary for us since the conspiracy and execution of the racket took place in India and Sri Lanka,” he told The Hindu .

The entire work of the illegal transplantation of human organs came to a standstill in South Asia following the Lankan government decision, Duggal said.

Nalgonda police arrested eight paid donors and the kingpin of the international kidney racket, Suresh Prajapathi, prompting the Sri Lankan government to take the decision. Prajapathi admitted to his interrogators that five of his associates, who played a key role in facilitating the kidney transplantations in Lankan hospitals, are still holed up in Colombo.

Investigators had identified 60 donors and 60 recipients connected to the racket. Over a dozen accomplices of the kingpin too are on the radar of the police.


  1. Did the indian hospitals loosing business to Sri lanka Hospitals / Doctors pay a big bribe to the (Pa)Rajitha S.?
    When did foreign police grill Sri Lanka citizens in Sri Lanka- are we a province of India?

    Yahalparu kalakani – Selling the country.


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