Three member committee appointed to probe kidney racket

rajitha senaratneA three member committee has been appointed to investigate the alleged kidney racket involving Indians and Sri Lankans.

The committee includes Director of Private Health Services, Dr. Kanthi Ariyaratne and Provincial Director of Health Services in the Western Province Dr. Deepthi Perera.

The Health Ministry yesterday temporarily suspended kidney transplants for foreigners at Government and private hospitals after the racket in India was linked to six local doctors.

Health Minister Dr. Rajitha Senaratne had ordered a full investigation into claims by the Indian police that the doctors attached to some private hospitals had conducted kidney transplants for Indians who were involved in a major kidney racket.

The Indian police have filed cases against six Sri Lankan doctors in relation to the kidney racket on the charge of conducting paid kidney transplants in violation of ethics.

The Indian media reported that the police have identified the Sri Lankan doctors who have allegedly performed 60 transplants.

Police in Nalgonda, India arrested the kingpin in the kidney racket, Suresh Prajapathi (36), and two of his cronies, who facilitated the transplants.

The police also arrested Prajapathi’s accomplice Dilip Umedamal Chouhan (31), who used to help conduct health tests on donors at various diagnostic centres in Ahmedabad. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Sri Lanka’s fastest new job growth are is working for investigating committees under Team Mythree & Ranil. So many committees and grilling’s. In the mean time in La-La land under Team M&R every thing sweet as honey for so called grilled & under investigation politician’s and their henchmen and women and drug dealers rapist murderers & thugs who have still hording money as I write now even Gotta is on his way back to politics with a new found vigor. Why not if its good enough for queen of some sorts Hilary Clinton to run for president of USA with so many corruption allegations that been ignored by Obama administration Team M&R can give a pass to Rajapaksa clan to reenter the lime light. And most lankans know with the help of former CB governor Cabarala so easily cooking the books was so help full for Rajapaksa’s to horde so much loot to live in luxury generations to come.

  2. Private hospitals of Sri Lanka perform a variety of surgeries for local and foreign patients. Kidney Transplant is one such surgery performed in these hospitals. Organ Transplant surgeries comes under the purview of the Human Tissue Act of 1987, Sri Lanka. As such, the hospitals comply with rigorous regulatory and legal procedures as established by the Ministry of Health. All such surgeries are authorized by the Ministry of Health prior to surgery. All Doctors and hospitals abide by this .


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