TNA MPs and TNA PC members hold key meeting

SampanthanTamil National Alliance (TNA) Members of Parliament and TNA Provincial Council members held a key meeting today.

TNA Provincial Council members from the North and East attended the meeting headed by TNA leader R. Sampanthan.

Issues related to the TNA, the policy of the party and a political solution were among the matters discussed at the meeting held in Kilinochchi.

The proposed new Constitution was also discussed at the day long meeting. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. In light of the statements already made by the president ,the PM. and united opposition front
    headed by Mr. Rajapakse, that they will not move beyond 13A, which is further restricted to
    no land management and no provincial Police force, managed by the province(s). There is a reason for it as they could use govt. lands to do unauthorized colonization and keep the
    Sinhala police force permanently to dominate the Tamils. TNA should spell out their plans to the Tamils as early as now ,as they feel whether its worthwhile, TNA participating in making the new constitution which is meant solely to improve majority rights and privileges, mainly to do away with authoritarian rule and keep the old policies still in existence for the minorities, specially Tamil speaking people of N/E , adding meagre concessions, thus treating them as second class citizens and finally TNA becomes the scape goat by agreeing
    to participate in the discussions. It should be noted that Tamils never took part in constitution
    making in the past.
    Although merging two provinces i.e. N/E , on linguistic basis, reduces the govt. expenses on
    managing the province by half, but they are not in favour for some unknown reason, except that it may become the largest province and combined effort may produce good results,
    economically & socially . TNA should not adopt a wait and see policy and should engage govt. to talks at the earliest. Coming colours do not seem to be good for the ruling party and TNA should get the major problems sorted by getting the laws passed before the next elections. This is a crucial period for the Tamils and TNA should drop their infighting and
    get on with finding a solution for Tamils. TNA should put the shredded 13A into the Indian
    court for them to get the clarification with the SL govt. as the only consolation Tamils have
    is the IC, who promised an amicable solution for long lasting problems faced by the Tamils


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