Teen arrested over Dematagoda accident which killed two

HandcuffsA teenager has been arrested for driving a vehicle which ran-over a mother and her child in Dematagoda killing them both.

The accident took place last night and this had later resulted in a tense situation in the area.

According to the police, a 15 year old boy had driven the vehicle and crashed into a 47 year old woman and her 10 year old daughter.

Both succumbed to their injuries. A tense situation arose near the Dematagoda police station last night when the police was accused of arresting the wrong person over the accident.

The police however later said that the teenage driver had been arrested and those who allowed the boy to drive the vehicle were also going to be arrested. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Apparently the mother of the driver is requesting bail on the grounds of being a breastfeeding mom. Not to sound flippant, but isn’t the 15 year old boy a bit too old to be breastfed?

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