Sri Lankan President invited to Germany after 43 years

MaithripalaPresident Maithripala Sirisena has been invited for an official visit to Germany, the first time a Sri Lankan leader has been invited for an official visit to Germany after 43 years.

President Sirisena said that despite local criticism, the entire world is blessing the program of the new Government of Sri Lanka.

The President made these remarks today after ceremonially commencing the construction work on the roundabout in the Polonnaruwa town, inaugurating the road development work in the Polonnaruwa District under the ‘Pibidemu Polonnaruwa’ five years district development program.

The President stated that there is competition among the international community to help the development of Sri Lanka.

He also stated that he has received more invitations from developed countries for state visits. “All these invitations came not on the requests by me, but because of the friendship of the leaders of those countries”, the President further stated.

“We will start a lot of development programs with the assistance of these friendly countries by making 2016 an year of a transformational development in Sri Lanka”, he said.

“The development should not be stored in any district. It is essential to maintain it in a fair and balanced manner. It is the responsibility of politicians to extend the hands of development to everybody”, the President further stated.

Minister Lakshaman Kiriella, State Minister Dilan Perera, Chief Minister of the North-Central Province Peshala Jayarathne, Member of Parliament Siripala Gamlath and Nalaka Kolonne also participated iat th event. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Watch out MR2 would be asked to accept Muslim Refugees that the EU nations are refusing to accept.
    50K Pakistan refugees have been rejected and Pakistan has refused to accept them.
    Merkel is just bully blustering, she grew up in a hardline Communist State where she was a member of Marxist student groups; is the combination of a self-righteous Protestant and Marxist ideologue. Her popularity is plummeting but no one wants to stand up to her but would like to go down with the EU ship.

    CBK was propped by the millionaire women she alone created in the UK and here communication was via `Viper`- At present she is playing the Sonia the Italian plasters daughter style card. there is no RAW daughter anymore in foreign service.Even the FM put Vaiko behind bars for MR1 at Buddha Gaya.

  2. With President Maithripala Sirisena as the head of the country democracy has bloomed again after he was elected . He has kept to many of the promises made in his election manifesto .
    In recognition of the democratic values been restored back the leaders of these nations have extended their open arms in inviting our President to their fold .

  3. Gono Siribiris, you got the invite because you have successfully been installed as their puppet. Remember the coup you were so shamelessly gloating about in public? Well CBK was the $$$$ madam used by the CIA, UK and RAW to plot it all, not to mention the TNA filling up the North ballot boxes to rig the election. Popular my foot !!!

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