Chinese navy war ships arrive in Sri Lanka despite Indian concerns

4Three Chinese warships arrived in Sri Lanka today despite concerns raised by the Indian Government in the past over Chinese military ships coming to Colombo.

According to the navy media unit, the three Chinese navy ships were greeted by the Sri Lankan navy at the Colombo port.

The Sri Lankan navy said that the three Chinese navy ships were in Sri Lanka on a friendly visit and will be in the country till Thursday.

The Government had said last year it would consider allowing Chinese navy ships to dock in Colombo after suspending such visits temporarily.

The new Government suspended allowing Chinese war ships to dock in Colombo after concerns had been raised by India when the former Government allowed a Chinese submarine to dock at the Colombo port. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. CBK informed the journalist at New Delhi that Hindia did not help her topple the MR government but `Viper`
    Let’s wait and see what ambitious nationalist Modi’s Toadi would do before and after her visit or if she is replaced as FM.

  2. Hindia is weak nation militarily and its neglect of the south which is surrounded by the sea has made it vulnerable for small nations to kick ass. While it is able to swallow land locked small nations up north.
    Hindia went out marketing for F16 class and nuclear subs but were unable to do so because of its reluctance to take part in American South China Sea war games.
    Even though Hindia/Russia has a long standing defense treaty traditionally China gets the best of Russian defense equipment.
    With the new Taiwanese government Chinese in the west are preparing to be flattened by USA.
    The 1% Indian population in the USA are the next most powerful people after the Jews.
    Sinha le days are numbered like Qaddafi

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