UK backs domestic process with international element

Hugo Swire 1The British Government says it supports a domestic accountability process in Sri Lanka with and international element.

UK Minister of State Hugo Swire, speaking to reporters today at the conclusion of his visit to Sri Lanka, said that he was satisfied with the pace at which Sri Lanka was going to address issues on accountability.

However Swire said that much still remains to be done and the international community expects some progress by June this year, ahead of the UN Human Rights Council session when Sri Lanka will be discussed. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Sri Lanka is not a British colony anymore, so we do not need advice from the people who stole the wealth of the country and left with “divide and rule” saga. Sri Lanka will not go ahead with development until these ‘fake peacemakers’ are on the back. China, Russia, Japan, Korea and many other countries will be still poor countries if they were allowed to control. Many Middle Eastern countries have been destroyed when they started ‘advising’ how to run the country. Please stay away from Sri Lanka, as Sri Lanka has many many educated people from all nationalities who can look-after the country. Please mind your own business and return any money given my Tamil Diaspora to comment these.

    • Because British supplied weapon and trained Sri Lanka army by KMS source Britain’s dirty war against the Tamil people 1979-2009 for geopolitics.


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