Attempt to smuggle wallapatta to Abu Dhabi foiled

wallapatta-herbs-4An attempt by a resident of Nawalapitiya to smuggle wallapatta to Abu Dhabi was foiled by officers at the Bandaranaike International Airport this evening.

The Sri Lankan male aged 33 was arrested by the Customs Bio Diversity, Cultural and National Heritage Protection Unit at the departure lounge with 23.4 kgs of wallapatta chips, concealed in his baggage this evening.

He had attempted to smuggle the chips to Abu Dhabi aboard a Srilankan Airlines flight.

Investigations are being carried out by a team led by the Superintendent of Customs D.M.G. Nimalthilake. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Wallapatta seems to be a high demand product in foreign countries. Why can’t the GOSL start farming it on a large scale, through private entrepreneurs, lift the ban, and export it legally, and while boosting the export trade of SL, can earn mints of forex for the country.,


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