Wigneswaran slams Government at event attended by PM

WigneswaranNorthern Province Chief Minister C V Wigneswaran today slammed the Government at event attended by Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe.

Speaking at the National Thaipongal festival in Jaffna also attended by UK State Minister Hugo Swire, the Northern Chief Minister said that while the Tamils in the North recognize the change following the elections last year, they still live in fear and suspicion.

He slammed the presence of a large number of soldiers in the North, the failure to free more land held by the military and the failure to abolish the Prevention of Terrorism Act.

The Chief Minister claimed that over 150,000 soldiers still operate in the North and that this lays the foundation for violence.

Wigneswaran also accused the Government of interfering in the work of the Northern Provincial Council.

The Chief Minister also raised his concerns over letters being sent to him from State institutions written in Sinhalese.

“Here in Sri Lanka we are still to solve out basic problems which have dogged us for over 67 years,” he said.

He noted that he was elected to the post of Chief Minister during the Northern Provincial Council elections based on a mandate he sought and now he must act according to that mandate.

Wigneswaran noted that while the Government has given a commitment to the UN to address accountability over the war, there is suspicion if the issue will be addressed properly. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Dear Wigneswaran you are nothing but a puppet for your cronies, we all know that you need to keep up the drama going to keep yourself funded by overseas radicals, so do it while it lasts. Its such a shame that an educated fellow like you have fallen to the hands of low extremists. Just shut up and move on

  2. Brutal Tamil Terrorists were ruling the North for 30 years; not only armed forces, whole Sri Lankans suffered during the time. Almost all Tamils except a minority were supportive of the Terrorist movement assuming that Terrorists will create a separate state for them. Some countries in the world tried to use the situation to ignite racial tension. Thanks to Rajapaksa Government, terrorists were eliminated despite the massive weapon supply to Tamil terrorists by so called developed countries. Since Wignaswaran was appointed as Chief Minister, he always had the idea of reversing what Armed forces won by sacrificing their lives.
    If Wignaswaran is so peaceful, why cannot you invite Sinhalese people to live in North again? Why you want Sinhalese people out of North/Jaffna labeling them as “army”?

  3. Wigneswaran is a “thankless” person. The Govt of SL is trying its best to accommodate the Tamils wishes without disturbing the Southern Majority. This cannot be understood by Tiger supporter Wigneswaran who has been purchased by Tiger remnants. Its time we kick Wigi out of politics. He is just stirring the pot and at the end its the poor Tamils in the North and East who are going to suffer. Wigi is doing all this as he is related to other “shit stirrer” Vasudeva Nanayakkara.

  4. The brutal genocidal military regime still exists and tamils exist in fear of ongoing attacks, arbitrary arrests, rapes, interference in family life, livelihoods and even worship.
    All homes in areas taken over have been looted of building material, wells ruined and trees felled.

  5. The mere fact that Mr Wigneswaran is able to be openly critical in the face of the PM and foreign ambassadors alone is good evidence of the enormous change for the better from what was the case before 8th Jan. His criticism must be taken seriously and acted upon so long as it is constructive .Would it not be fair that correspondence to him and all Tamil people be made in Tamil;it’s common sense more than any other reason,is it not? We would hope sincerely and pray on Pongal Day that he would not again preach the credo of hatred that caused such vicious devastation to all communities in Sri Lanka. That would be tantamount to gross inhumanity not politics. On Thai Pongal day should he not speak of higher spiritual values about one’s journey from the lower human platitudes to one,s higher self transcending politics and other soul desecrating crass mundane practices?Leave Race,Religion ,Caste etc., out of politics.We do not have to look too far out into the world outside to see the absolute misery it is causing humanity particularly the innocent and helpless.

  6. Judgments given by this Tiger who was in Sheep’s skin when he was a Judge seems to be questionable. You must be thankful to MR, you are CM today.

    If Prabakaran was not killed by MR you will be hiding under the bed in your dig in Colombo today.

  7. MR. Wigneswaran , you have forgot that you came to participate in a religious festival not to participate in a political discussion here.What you said is true , but you could have talk all those things in all party conference or something. anyway , it shows your political immaturity as a politician.

  8. WIGGI

  9. Mr. Ra Sambanthan and the TNA should rein in Mr. Wigneswaran CM, NPC as his ideas and
    speeches may be misunderstood that he represents the Tamils as the leader where as he is a junior member of TNA and a late entry into politics, compared to long services put in by people like Ra Sampanthan & Mavai Senathirajah. He should realise that the problems of the Tamils should be settled in two phases , firstly ,immediate problems confronted by Tamils
    like unemployment ,in white color and labour sectors, Govt. grants to be given to those who received their lands to develop their property.. It is not right on the part of the govt. to have handed the lands back to the owners with boundaries removed, large holes dug in their houses to place army guns ,roof less, wells filled with garbage and culverts, through where the flood waters passes through to the sea are flattened for fear of terrorists placing grenades , underneath which creates flooding in surrounding areas during rainy season and there are number of other problems that affect them locally and it is TNA’s duty to see that funds are made available to the people to develop their properties as they are below poverty line and TNA should have accepted ministerial positions in the govt. to attend to these irregularities , instead of begging this minster and that minister and they are evasive on these matters . Then, once the local problems are settled, get on to the second phase of deciding which form of devolution Tamils aspire, reduction of the armed forces in the N/E to a required level so that people can move freely without any interference and improved infrastructure and only at this stage the International community’s main partners like USA, India & UK should be brought in as SL Govt. promised them an amicable settlement in favour of the Tamils in lieu of SL treated as a friendly country and in the meantime, TNA should keep up the pressure in the parliament and able speakers like M/s Sambandan, Sumanthiran & Mavai Senathirajah should try to convince the majority through their speeches
    in Parliament that all communities should be treated equally and live in peace with their land,
    culture, language and religion protected by the state. Antagonistic approaches will not work.

  10. Mr.Vigneswaran is not a member of the TNA. TNA is not a registered party . He was brought in by Mr.Sambanthan to contest for the post of Chief Minister and he was voted overwhelmingly by the Tamil people. As at now Mr.Vigneswaran is the only Tamil leader who speaks the truth openly and fights for the rights of the Tamil people.


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