Monks cry foul over new bill presented to Parliament

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Buddhist monks have raised concerns on the new bill presented to Parliament which they claim is an attempt to have control over the monks.

The National Bhikku Front said that the bill has been submitted without having proper consultations with the Buddhist clergy.

The National Bhikku Fron claimed the the bill is being used to divert attention from key issues faced by the Government which took office last year.

The Theravadi Bhikkhu Kathikawath bill, which provides for every monk to act in compliance with the registered Chapter which relates to the monk, was presented in Parliament this week.

The Government said that the main purpose of the proposed law is not to control or give punishment to a monk but to protect the Buddha Sasana.

The Government said that monks who act in violation of the provisions of any registered Buddhist Chapter will be subjected to punishment. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Dear President and Prime Minister

    Why law to control and punish Budhist monks.

    They are the representation of Lord Budhdha..

    They will never do any wrong and they should. be able to
    Do whatever they think is right.

    No law should be applicable on Budhist monks in this Sinhala Budhisbt nation.

    They must be able to remain above any law which is applicable to other people,

    Courts cannot summon monks or puniness them

    Even the Police should keep away from Budhist monks.

    Is your govt. trying to destroy Sinhala Budhism in the Sinhala Budhist land to allow our country to become a Muslim or Christian country. You should enact law to Control the Muslims and Christians

    • It may not be a good idea for the government to adopt bills. But you have to understand during the last 10-15 years, the monks have done things Lord Buddha had never imagined. In my Buddhism, any of the Arahats or lesser buddhist monks never aspire to be in the cabinet of the kind Bimbisara. They did what they professed to do – practice religion. Monks sitting in the parliament nothing short of disgraceful to other buddhist monks. They should have realised this was coming and now cry wolf.

    • Your are such a dumb a**. No wonder this country is in its current state because of a handful of idiots like you and these stupid monks.

    • My dear friend, You still do not understand what they are trying to do and I hope this is good when see the things that took place lately. I have to tell you one more thing srilanka police can arrest muslim tamil or christian priest any time without any problem.

  2. Concerned Srilankan
    If you’re really concerned you will certainly be concerned about some of the Buddhist Monks. You say they are above law , what law are you talking about? They should see and maintain the Religion as Lord Buddha taught them. They violates all the ten precepts. Do you say the 10 precepts applied only to lay people.they should clean their premises and preach clean living , I mean clean living.

  3. This government talks about punishing the Buddhist Priests not the politicians of the last government who cheated the country and public money to the extent never heard of nor the politicians in the present government who are doing the same .

    It is trying to silent the Buddhist priests who come against the government . The Buddhist priests have always saved the nation and the culture from the Kinfs’ time.

  4. And the third line of attack to spread Mahayana buddhism in Sri Lanka via the Mahamevunaa and the International Buddhist centre at Kelaniya. Sinhala beware, Buddhists beware. This is the last chance. Do not rely on our corrupt politicians. They have been taking money from everyone for years.

  5. Maha Sanga are the followers of Lord Buddha Buddha has given them enough rules .
    If they don’t follow these rules they are not Sanga of . Buddhism. Those monks
    should give up their ropes .Government should take all the steps to protect Buddhism
    from Dusseela Sanga

    • Are you Joking ? Do You think the ………. in this parliament has right to do so. First there should be bill for the MP for code of conduct before they change others.
      How these people who do not have knowledge or even basic quality of humanity going to make code for “Sangha” These are Jokes.

  6. When the BBS went on the rampage and caused chaos and embarrassed the then government as well as the whole nation, supposed to be “serendip’ you say that the law should not apply to these hooligans who cover themselves in a saffron robe? They are thugs. Not disciples of the Lord Buddha.

  7. The Law should be enacted in such a manner that it not only covers Buddhist Monks but also all the other religious priests. This is a must for SL to be a just society.

  8. Many believe that Tamil Terrorist organisation LTTE was created against Sinhalese people particularly “Buddhists”. In all LTTE documents, they branded Sri Lankan Army as “Buddhist Army” and kept on publishing to get international support. Prabakaran was not a Hindu and there were churches supportive of LTTE until last day of LTTE. Since the current government is heavily controlled by ex-LTTE big guns, it is not a surprise that the same intention is coming again in-guise of “Parliament bill”.
    Please stay away from Buddhism and monks as this not negotiable by current parliamentarian Western puppets. Ranil will have no hesitation ruining the Buddhist culture due to his background.

    • Can you tell me, who is a Sinhala Buddhist, as opposed to a Buddhist. Buddhism is an universal way of Living.
      True buddhism, is NOT practiced in SL, a derivative called Sinhala buddhism is practiced. I suppose this is the reason, as to why there are no tamil, buddhist in this country, even after 2500 years.
      However, there are many silent Buddhist who do practice the religion
      hatred Ceases not by hatred but by love.

  9. The Sasanaya is full of those who don’t live by the Vinaya code of conduct. This act is essential, in fact there should be a full Sasana sanshodhanaya and all those pretending to be Monks and getting a free ride through life should be kicked out !

  10. Who is going to teach to buddhist monk about code of conduct
    Mahinda ????? Lot of allegation including murders
    Ranil ????? allegation —Batalanda and more
    Rajitha ???? Ships and more
    Hirunika ????
    Muthuhettigama ???
    John ???
    Wijedasa ????
    Sujeewa ???
    Sumedha ???
    Siripala ???

    Please tell me ?????

  11. This is horrific. This might seem fairly innocent and even timely, for the moment. But what it sets precedent to is something far much sinister. These leaders of the said sects are not above the word of the Lord Buddha, and their individual guidelines(of the sects) often contradict to the codes of Vinaya. Ultimately those who do abuse the robe will end up finding loopholes and escape, and immoral Bhikkus will use these positions of authority to harass others based on personal vendetta. For us, we will end up in a nonsecular state ridden with cult like dogma, rendering this nation inhospitable for truly practicing Bhikkhus. Nothing can be further away from what Lord Buddha taught. Not to forget all of these is completely unconstitutional.


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