Ban tells UNGA transfer of power in Lanka was smooth

BanUN Secretary General Ban ki-moon told the UN Genereal Assembly (UNGA) the transfer of power in Sri Lanka last year following elections, was smooth.

The UN chief mentioned Sri Lanka during an annual informal briefing to the UN General Assembly yesterday (Thursday).

Ban began by declaring that 2016 must be a year in which landmark decisions on sustainable development “gain solid footing on the ground.”

He said that in 2015 there were smooth transfers of power in Sri Lanka and Nigeria, and democratic gains in Myanmar and Tunisia.

“In 2016, we must end the conflicts that global divisions have helped prolong, do far more to protect vulnerable populations, and show that we are serious about preventing the upheavals of tomorrow. My peace operations initiative sets out a comprehensive action agenda to strengthen United Nations peace and security tools, including through closer peacekeeping partnerships with regional organizations and local communities,” he added.

The UN Secretary General said that the challenges ahead is to defeat Da-esh, Boko Haram, al-Shabaab, Al Qaeda and other such groups but not through counter-productive approaches that fuel extremism.

“Well-calibrated, security-based counter-terrorism measures remain essential. But human rights must be at the forefront of our response,” he said.

Ban ki-moon said that overcoming violent extremism also means addressing the underlying governance failures, exclusion, hopelessness and other drivers. (Colombo Gazette)


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