TNA and Swire discuss issues faced by the Tamils

CYrlcdBWwAEXEwYThe Tamil National Alliance (TNA) and British Minister of State Hugo Swire had talks today on issues faced by the Tamils.

According to the TNA, Swire and the TNA discuss issues of accountability, constitutional reform and the day to day issues of the Tamil people.

The TNA was represented by TNA Parliamentarian and spokesman M.A. Sumanthiran.

Meanwhile, speaking earlier today at the Council for Business with Britain, Hugo Swire said that since the election of President Maithripala Sirisena last January, there has been a distinct and welcome change of atmosphere in the bilateral relationship between Sri Lanka and UK.

He said the improvement in relations is largely down to the positive developments seen in Sri Lanka over the past year.

“For me, perhaps the most significant of these developments were the commitments Sri Lanka made at the Human Rights Council in September. Those commitments to take meaningful steps towards truth and accountability after the long conflict here are key to bringing about lasting reconciliation. And that is important because it is reconciliation that will, I believe, be the bedrock on which Sri Lanka’s future economic success will be built,” he said.

Swire said that in recognition of these commitments and following talks between UK Prime Minister David Cameron and President Sirisena at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Malta in December, UK was delighted to announce the provision of £6.6 million pounds of UK Government funding to support peace and reconciliation in Sri Lanka.

He also announced the appointment of a non-Resident UK Defence Adviser, adding that the resumption of cooperation and collaboration in the field of defence is very welcome by the armed forces of both countries. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. “”there has been a distinct and welcome change of atmosphere”

    For the WASP a new arms deal with the emperor without clothes the rustic MR2
    is always welcome. So Liam Fox is being represented in a new form.

    This mutt Suma thinks that Ceylon has never had and does not have better Tamil lawyers who speak all three languages fluently and are of class since they have worked with the Sinhalese and Muslims.

    The bedrock is Britain’s main export item still is and will be Arms and ammunition and human rights is its catalyst.


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