Youtube launches local version for Sri Lanka users

1211Youtube has introduced a new version for Pakistan, Nepal and Sri Lanka youtube users,  Pop Herald reported.

“We aim to provide an, even more, tailored YouTube experience by launching versions that are optimised for Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka”, Gautam Anand, Director of Operations and Content, YouTube Asia Pacific stated in a post on Google Asia Pacific blog.

While world’s largest video sharing website YouTube still remains officially banned in Pakistan, the website administration has announced that they have launched a localised version of video sharing portal in Pakistan which will also be available in Urdu language.

YouTube Nepal can be differentiated from others by “NP” embedded in the YouTube logo. The Google’s video-sharing juggernaut has launched a version of Youtube for Pakistan to deliver Pakistan specific data.

“With these launches, we hope to pave the way for the work of more local creators, personalities and musicians to shine on the world’s largest and most vibrant video community”, Google Asia Pacific Blog further said.

The website was banned in Pakistan in September 2012, when it refused the content that insulted Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

Despite heavy criticism from rights activists, media and civil society, access to the website could not be restored. (Colombo Gazette)


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