Mathews unaware of player misconduct in New Zealand

mathews-getty1908-800Sri Lanka cricket captain Angelo Mathews says he is unaware of any incident where players had misbehaved during the just concluded tour to New Zealand.

Team Manager Jeryl Woutersz said that he has been asked to submit a report to Sports Minister Dayasiri Jayasekera over the allegations.

However speaking to reporters in Colombo today Mathews said that as far as he is aware there were no “major” incidents of misconduct involving the players.

The Sri Lanka team returned to the country today after losing the Test, One Day international and T-20 series in New Zealand.

“This is not the first time this has happened, it happened straight after the world cup as well last year, people come up with so many allegations players had night outs and all that,” Mathews said when asked about the allegations that the players had attended several late night parties the night before some of the games.

Mathews said that if something like that had taken place action would have been taken immediately and the team management would not wait till the tour is over.

“But as far as I am concerned nothing major happened but the Manager will take it up and will give his report,” Mathews said at a press conference in Colombo.

Asked if by saying nothing major happened that something did take place, Mathews said that he was not aware of any incident.

“If something has happened definitely the Manger will get to know and he will look in to the matter seriously. Without knowing I can’t really deny or accept,” he said. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Hello All please don’t tell these all nonsense we are beaten by one of the good side in the world due to our problems of experience and some rash shots. On the other hand conditions in nz is very different to Aus and Sa or eng.Also coaching staff doesn’t know what they are doing and not reading conditions properly to selelct right player for the match each.If you look at our fielding coach even played only 2 first class matches god knows how he became our fielding coach which not even good enough to challenge nz.

  2. We live in New Zealand and we know what happened as most of the people who hosted these late night dinners boast on the following day.

    These hugely paid so professionals must understand that Cricket is the Gentlemen’s game. Either they must become Gentlemen if they continue to play or they must let the Gentlemen play the game of Gentleman’s game!

    The incident that happened in the Eden Park in Auckland on 10th January has made the Sri Lankan living here in embarrassment. We pride of our mother land Sri lanka and we pride of Sri lankan Cricket!

    A few of Sri Lankan living here in New Zealand do not know how to enjoy life here and do some silly and stupid things putting the entire community in embarrassment!

  3. SL Cricket lacks players with a sound technique. Better Cricket Gear has enabled the faults to be marginalized at least to the naked eye! The advent of Cowboy cricket has bred a host of Hillybilly Bits & Pieces cricketers, better termed as “GALLERY PLAYERS”! Players like Dilshan who have distinct Technical Defects are an eyesore most of the time. Even Matthews has serious difficiencies with the short ball. The main reason that Our blokes don’t seem to be getting the distance to the big shots is because the Bat is always swirling in their hands on impact as clearly evidenced by the Replays. Most of the Major batters in our side are culpable of this fundamental flaw! What more could be said other than, get back to Practice & get your basics in place Boys as A whole nation is distressed by your mediocre lackadaisical showing in NZ.

  4. Some of our cricketers play as if they are disoriented due to rough night-outs, or at least that is what I can deduce from the irresponsible way they play. On a foreign tour it is obvious that they bump into former school mates, relatives, old flames etc. with invitations that cannot be refused. I heard from a good friend of a cricketer a few decades ago that he even used to visit the Red Light District in Mumbai while on tour. I have also seen some media reports of a cricketer who had disagreements with people in a night club leading to ugly incidents. It beats me to think how some kind of discipline can be ‘bowled’ into their heads.

  5. If Nothing Major happened, what are the minor incidents. Agu minor incident to you may not be minor in usual terms.

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