Captivate your taste buds at Flavoured

Ready to serve you!Asia’s first lean luxury property Cinnamon Red is credited for more than just their innovative new approach to hospitality. Aiming at the younger, a technologically-savvy traveller, the hotel is trendy and vibrant with a product offering that is not only affordable but also superior in standards.

The hotel’s key dining venue, Flavoured is one such offering that has captivated the taste buds of both locals and tourists, not just for the excellent fare that is presented at every meal, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner, but also for the stunning cityscape it offers diners, with attentive service to match!

While lunch at Flavoured is a la carte, breakfast and dinner are on buffer with an extensive spread featuring best loved dishes from around the world. Much like the rest of the hotel, the buffet too offers delightful surprises on a daily basis, with the dishes differing, to give guests varied choices for their meals.

The breakfast buffet boasts of over 35 dishes ranging from cereals to salads to western and Indian dishes to breads. There is an egg station as well as an Indian station where you could savour puri, nann, chapathi, idle and the likes. The a la carte menu for lunch includes some 40 items inclusive of soups, salads, mains (Sri Lankan, Indian, Chinese, lamb, beef, pork) and desserts.

While breakfast and lunch are perfect for business meetings or client meet-ups given the hotel’s ideal location at the heart of the city, the focus here however is on the Flavoured dinner buffet. Guaranteed to get your money’s worth, one can expect to find a selection of dishes, from a salad bar that features a range of fresh produce and home-made sauces to a well thought out buffet with over 35 dishes that brings together a fusion of dishes that complement each other well.

Whether you like Eastern or Western dishes, the buffet will not disappoint as it offers a combination of firm favourites such as pastas, rice, vegetables and meat dishes to choose from. If you like your meat grilled or have a specific preparation method when it comes to pastas, the expert chefs at Flavoured are always happy to prepare it a la minute. There are also Italian and Mongolian corners to enjoy; along with a hopper section, where the chefs make hot-hot hoppers to your preference.
The dessert section too deserves a noteworthy mention. One can always expect at least one or two of their favourite saccharine treats here, along with a selection of fresh fruits for the health-conscious.

All this and more is priced at just Rs. 1,700 (plus tax). If it isn’t already, mark Flavoured as a go-to restaurant in Colombo; without a doubt, the cuisine and the setting will keep you wanting to go back for more. Adding to the pros of the restaurant is the ample car park space available in five floors for guests.

For reservations, call 011 2145176.To stay up-to-date with the latest offerings at Cinnamon Red, follow them on Facebook, at

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