Sampanthan insists no demand for a separate state

sampanthanOpposition leader and Tamil National Alliance (TNA) leader R Sampanthan today insisted that there is no more a demand for a separate Tamil state in Sri Lanka.

Speaking in Parliament today the TNA leader said that the Tamils have, during the recent elections, backed a political solution within the framework of a united and undivided and indivisible Sri Lanka.

He said the Tamils hope the new Constitution which has been proposed, will resolve the National issue.

Sampanthan said that the demand for a separate state resulted in a war which pushed the country backwards.

“The war has come to an end and more importantly there is no more a demand for a separate state,” he said.

The LTTE had pushed for a separate state but Sampanthan says the demand was dropped even before the war ended. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Rather than this old school rhetoric, TNA should deliver the immediate needs of the Tamils victimized by the war. It was TNA that kept silent and gave tacit approval to LTTE to continue the war. Sampanthan never said anything against LTTE’s demand for so many years. In many ways TNA is responsible for the suffering of Tamil people. People at this stage are not interested in dexterous verbosity. They are still waiting for the release of Tamil prisoners and release of their homes & lands that TNA promised them before elections. Sirisena-RW government is taking them on a long treacherous ride!

  2. Mr. Ra Sambanthan, leader TNA should specify as to what type of devolution the Tamil
    people expect, instead giving vague answers. Will the Tamil people be happy with a
    merged province (N/E) for the Tamil speaking people or is there a demand for a federal state

  3. The Tamils have undergone one complete cycle of efforts to stand as Tamils of
    Sri Lanka and the end result is the framing of a Constitution with their full
    participation, supported by the I/C, in a very Democratic manner. The past is
    now History. The new Constitution is THE answer for all Sri Lankans. The
    majority must fall in line with 21st century Democratic standards, for their own

  4. Whatever the proposals were the Tamils would not trust the government since their ultimate aim is to wait for a separate state or a Federal state with joined North and the East provinces .

    The Sinhalese and the Mulsims should stand together against the merger of the provinces and any solution leading to future separation.

    More than three decades people from all communities sacrificed their lives to defend the nation and or as victims and the spirit of patriotism should be carried forward by all patriots irrespective of their ethnicity.

  5. Let’s not forget that the Hon Sampanthan is not only the leader of the TNA but that of the entire Opposition parties that represent a vast electorate spanning the whole country.Should we not appreciate the fact that,as I read it, he has quite categorically stated the position of the majority of the Tamil people and more importantly the connotation that our Tamil Brothers and Sisters are willing and happy to work cooperatively and democratically towards achieving the common goal i.e the prosperity and wellbeing of all peoples of Sri Lanka.His statement does not ring hollow or seem to being put up in response to getting out of a situation, which is what politicians often do knowing they are entitled to forget what they said and twist things about the next around.I think as a nation we must be pleased that there is now evidence of a genuine desire on the part of all peoples to work collaboratively to reach that goal that we set out to to achieve 67 long years ago with the British giving us the opportunity to mind our own business.We have been cleverer in this period to make a mess of more things and a success of only but a few.Let us not allow this wonderful opportunity to get our country back in correct step slip by and wait to lament over it after another 67.Let us pull together not simply to make Lanka a materially prosperous place but more importantly morally righteous one if such good times must last much much longer than the “Flash in the Pan ” moments we have had over the past 67 years albeit rarely as well.

  6. The most important aspect is that the majority Sinhalese people should feel and believe that Sri Lanka is also minority communities country, and that they should have the same rights and privileges they have in Sri Lanka. If this is the case, the rest will be no problem. I state this because Britain does not have a written constitution but operate on conventions.
    In conclusion Sampanthan is a moderate and I hope he is correct in regard to his judgement Time will only be the judge in this regard.
    Let us wish Sri Lanka well.


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