M.I.A. threatened with legal action

MIAM.I.A. has been threatened with legal action by French soccer club Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), owned by a Qatari group, over her wearing a customized PSG shirt in the video for her song “Borders.”

The controversial songwriter and rapper posted a legal letter from the club on her Twitter page, which criticizes the artist for wearing a PSG strip with the words “Fly Pirates” printed on the front instead of “Fly Emirates” in her refugee inspired video.

The lawyers are demanding that M.I.A. remove all footage of the incriminating shirt, plus reparations for “the harm we have suffered.”

But it looks as though the Sri Lankan-born artist is going to put up a fight, after she made the letter her pinned tweet and retweeted others saying that PSG’s threats were a “bad PR move.”

M.I.A. has long been an outspoken advocate for refugee rights, having escaped violence in Sri Lanka to live in the United Kingdom.

In 2005 she told the Guardian, “I was a refugee because of war and now I have a voice in a time when war is the most invested thing on the planet. What I thought I should do with this record is make every refugee kid that came over after me have something to feel good about. Take everybody’s bad bits and say, ‘Actually, they’re good bits. Now whatcha gonna do?’”

Her political aims are reflected in the video for “Borders,” which sees her sitting in an overcrowded boat of people meant to represent those used by Syrians to cross the Mediterranean to Europe, as well as other images associated with the refugee and migrant crisis. “Whose lives do you value?” she asks her listeners.

The politically conscious star, who in the past provoked outrage with her video for “Born Free” depicting the rounding up and execution of red-heads, said in a message on Instagram that wearing the shirt was a concerted attempt to draw attention to the fact that PSG has players who are “2nd gen migrants.”

She picked up the knock-off merchandise on her “connection flight in Qatar on the way to the shoot,” she added. (Courtesy teleSURtv.net)


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