JVP recognises concerns of Tamils in the North

Anura KumaraThe Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP), which in 1983 was accused of attacking Tamils, today recognised the legitimate concerns of the Tamils in the North.

Speaking in Parliament today, JVP leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake said that the Tamils in the North have suffered as a result of the war and continue to face social and economic issues.

“The Tamils also face the psychological issue of being second citizens of this country,” he said.

The JVP leader said that he does not believe the concerns of the Tamils will be addressed by Constitutional changes.

Anura Kumara Dissanayake said that while the Tamils elected the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) to power the TNA has rarely been seen standing with the Tamils in the North to address their legitimate concerns.

Dissanayake said that simply pushing for Constitutional reforms will not see the basic needs of the Tamils in the North being met. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. It is not right on the part of the govt. to have asked TNA to maintain silence until the Tamil
    problems are settled and they have not met even once ,officially, over the table from day 1. Anura Dissanayake (JVP) himself says that TNA has rarely been seen standing with the Tamils to address their legitimate concerns. All important discussions will commence shortly in the Parliament on the new constitution and TNA should be seen taking a leading part as the need for a new constitution is all about treating the minorities, mainly Tamils of N/E , equally and devolution of power given to the Tamil speaking minority.Agitations against TNA have propped up all over N/E over their silence in dealing with the govt., which could lead to undesirables stepping into politics in N/E, once more.

    To silence the critics , The govt. should call up TNA and have a meeting to assure the Tamils
    that their grievances will be solved through a new constitution and there will be no let down. Mr. Sambandan (TNA Leader) has taken a personal risk by supporting the Govt.fully, despite knowing the fact that over a period of 65 years, Tamils were taken on a fruitless ride by successive Govts. .and he should not be let down and made a scape goat.

    The Govt. should realise that N/E is quiet and behaving well because TNA is in power and
    even forming of advisory body by CM,NPC had no serious effect on the minds of the people. The Govt. sincerely should strive hard to keep the bad elements, terrorists off the N/E and recognise TNA as the sole reps. of the Tamils in N/E , who had enough of it in the past two decades or so.

  2. JVP never attacked Tamil in 1983. Burch of criminal from that time UNP government was responsible for all killing looting their property ,including senior ministers and very top UNP members. so you better have clear news for people to undendad.


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