Dilshan not ready to retire yet

DilshanSri Lanka’s opening T-20 batsman Tilakaratne Dilshan says he is not prepared to retire from the game as yet as he feels he is still in good form.

Dilshan was visibly annoyed following the final T-20 match between Sri Lanka and New Zealand recently when a Sri Lankan fan had told him to retire from the game.

The comment from the fan came as Sri Lanka lost the series against New Zealand and Dilshan was seen reacting by asking the fan if he can play better than him.

Speaking to a local radio station today, Dilshan said that he reacted with disappointment at the fan especially since the fan was a Sri Lankan.

However he said he was still in good form and so he had no immediate plans to retire from the short form of the game.

Dilshan has already retired from Test cricket and he says if his form drops in one-day international or T-20 cricket then he will retire. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. I think this is his personal desire,if he and cricket board seeing him fit for game age is not a matter,the fan had insulted him in front of public,it is seems to be an interference into others affair.
    Let him enjoy with the game.

  2. I quiet agree with that spectator who wanted Dilshan to retire from T20 and 50 over cricket because he is now out of form and his time has already come to think of retiring and work with cricket board as a consultant of in any other capacity to help to find a young successor for his place. He has given lot to SL cricket and all of us are happy with him for that. But now he is little bit older to play cricket of international standard. Think about it Dilshan, it should come from you and not from anybody else.

  3. Dilshan is a professional sportsman & should be able to control his temper always. He is being paid not only to play cricket but behave like a gentleman as he is involved in gentleman’s game. This is not the first time he behaved like this but In an another country he had a big issue. I think now is the best time for him to retire as he is not fit to the game.

  4. Yes, there were a couple of times when Dilshan performed irresponsibly as for instance when he went for the Dilscoop too early in his innings. He needs to tighten up his game and play more responsibly. He is perhaps the most senior of the players and should be conscious of the fact that the younger players do not have the experience and the skills as he does and he should therefore realise he has a greater responsibility towards his side. That said, we should not forget the great contribution he has made to SL cricket over the years. His ODI average is very good. It is not right to call for his resignation. But we would still want him to play more responsibly.

  5. Being living in NZ, conditions are bit hard to play here. Having watch most of the games, I can see lot of potential in the SL squad. All they need is experience, have a feeling, SL will do well in the T20 World Cup. Just a small advice, when you’re on a overseas tour, discipline is very important as You’re representing a country .

  6. The problem with our team is there is no discipline in the Team from Top to bottom including the Management. These highly paid so called professionals do not have self discipline that is expected from professionals.It is learnt from reliable sources that most of the cricketers parting till the dawn after indulging themselves in Sri Lankan families in New Zealand.

    These rich Sri Lankan families throw money and invite these cricketers to their homes to build pseudo prestige for themselves that is stupid and foolish.

    If we love Sri lanka and Sri Lankan Cricket, we must stop this foolish habits immediately.

    We need professional cricket managers like in New Zealand not a set of political jokers if we are gain the prestige that we were enjoying a few years back.

  7. The attitude of the Sri Lankan “fan” is typical !! And I liked the response from Dilshan, “Will you play in my place?”. It is of course disappointing but no reason to blame an individual. However, there are reports that the team was partying till late nights. Now that is something that SLC and the management must never allow. The Aussies, the Indians and the England teams are not allowed.

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