UN High Commissioner for Human Rights here early next month

ZeidThe UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Al Hussein will be in Sri Lanka early next month, the Ministry of Industry and Commerce said in a statement today.

The outgoing UN Resident Coordinator in Sri Lanka Subinay Nandy had confirmed this today during a meeting with the Minister of Industry and Commerce of Sri Lanka Rishad Bathiudeen.

During the visit Zeid Al Hussein will discuss several issues including the issue of Internally Displaced Persons still in camps, Nandy had told the Minister.

“I am not saying good-byes right away since I shall be back to Sri Lanka accompanying UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Al Hussein in his next month’s visit to Colombo. The resilience shown by Sri Lankans is very amazing” Nandy had said, according to the Ministry of Industry and Commerce.

Nandy is leaving for his next assignment in New York concluding his Colombo stint that began in May 2011.

“I have a feeling of warmth towards you despite you being a Cabinet Minister. I always held you in high regard. The IDP cause you have been promoting in Sri Lankan has not been looked after well, Nandy said.

He also said that he was pleased that there is a frank discussion taking place in Sri Lanka on securing the status of minorities.

Nandy said that the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Al Hussein is also pleased with Sri Lanka’s present leadership and their commitment towards the minorities. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. The UN High Commissioner must notice that GOSL is trying to delay, deviate and divert the reconciliation process agreed to implementation of the UNHRC resolutions and the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights recommendations.
    2. The Military occupation of the Legal Lands of the Tamils not returned to the legal owners.
    3. Political prisoners not released.
    4. The presence of military in the North and East is not reduced;

  2. Wel said Dickie, Shall we ask this prince to visit his mother country where petro-dollars have trumped human rights.

  3. dickie bird….why are you getting all worked up mate? what you got hiding in Sri Lanka? if you got your hands clean, why worry about Zeid’s visit to Lanka.

  4. Hello why your human right not see what u.s.a,eroup country make disaster in Middle East.how many people kill.Go invesgate first those country.then come to my country.u H/R.stopid go away man,

  5. What business do you ZEID have in Sri lanka?
    Unless this visit is paid on a santhosam to appease Tamils during Thai pongal and settle issues between TPC and TNA.
    have you got nothing better to do ?? Why don’t you visit Iraq, Libya, Afganistan & Syria and sort out the mess left behind by the USA, England and NATO countries with wanton destruction of infrastructure & destroyed lives and people living without hope.

    Get your priorities straight damn prince instead of being a lip server..
    Your muslim bretheren are at each other’s throats & killing each other

    • You are only too well aware of your `Sinha Le` deep-well that holds a begging bowl and awaiting another Tsunami windfall.

      His English wife’s first advice to him was be prepared to make enemies of friends while doing your duty.

      The top Priority is to get Putin to Puke by the end of 2016 not 2020.
      Then the `terrorist axis` pack of cards would fall in domino effect.

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