Mano hopes Indian Constitution will be considered by Lanka

DSC_0121The Minister of National Co-existence, Dialogue and Official Languages Mano Ganesan says he hopes provisions of the Indian Constitution are taken as guiding principles to be included in the new Constitution of Sri Lanka.

He said this while speaking at an event organised by the High Commission of India in Sri Lanka to celebrate Pravasi Bhartiya Divas (PBD) 2016.

About 50 prominent members of the Pravasi Bhartiya community in Sri Lanka were invited to attend the event. Mano Ganesan, was the Chief Guest on the occasion. Shri Y.K. Sinha, the High Commissioner of India to Sri Lanka, was also present.

In his address, Ganesan, appreciated the role being played by the Indian High Commission for engaging Pravasi Bhartiyas in various activities and helping them in various ways.

He also referred to the historical relations between India and Sri Lanka and the role Pravasi Bhartiyas are playing in strengthening the bonds between the two countries.

The Minister praised the Constitution of India which, he said, has elaborate provisions to protect the rights of ethnic and linguistic minorities. He said that at a time when the elected representatives of the Parliament of Sri Lanka are in the process of drafting a new Constitution, he would wish that such provisions of the Indian Constitution are taken as guiding principles to be included in the new Constitution of Sri Lanka.

Speaking on the occasion, the High Commissioner highlighted the importance of Pravasi Bhartiya Divas, which is celebrated every year on January 9 to commemorate the contribution made by Indian Diaspora towards nation building in India and in their adopted countries.

He spoke about the close cultural links between India and Sri Lanka and the contribution of the Indian Diaspora in Sri Lanka, which has acted as a bridge between the two ancient civilizations. The High Commissioner also highlighted various flagship programmes like ‘Make in India’, ‘Smart Cities’, ‘Digital India’, ‘Skill India’, etc. launched recently by the Government of India.

The gathering was also addressed by Ashroff Omar, CEO, Brandix Lanka, who has made large investment in India in the Brandix India Apparel City in Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh.

Omar spoke about his experiences while doing business in India and called upon the Diaspora to take advantage of the ‘Make in India’ initiative of the Government of India.

Kaushik Udeshi, President of GOPIO, also addressed the gathering and gave a brief historical account of the Indian Diaspora in Sri Lanka and the contributions made by them to strengthen the bonds of friendship between Sri Lanka and India. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. All written constitution has flaws. Because the interpreter is the Supreme Court and the judges have proved that they are biased and sometimes subjective. Theories on jurisprudence confirm these . A classic Example is the recent issue of Judges appointing Judges in India. Supreme Court has overruled as illegal an Act Passed by Indian People through Parliament on appointment of Supreme Court Judges as illegal. Again disputes on river water between Indian States is an unresolvable issue.
    Another example can be seen in US on the Gun Control, where Gun control is treated as Violation of the Constitution.
    However French and US constitutions are time tested and have withstood nearly 250 years. On the other hand England is running without a formal constitution and doing fine. All these proves that the People at the top, that is the Law Makers should be objective and look for a constitution which will stand not necessarily for thousands of years but at least for one hundred years.

  2. Dhono Bhai Bhai kerake Sabko Pudhu banau! (Everyone loves a fool)
    At the height of her power when Indira G tried to take over the judiciary the master of masters Nani Palkhivala who could quote off the cuff the chapter verse of the Indian constitution had to deviate from the constitution and define `Dharma`. When the 43 Chief Justice of Sri Lanka was impeached there was no one but Summa praising his master Vasu in Parliament.
    The Indian constitution is a copy of the unindexed English constitution (ancient one) so Graft can take place as per Indian supreme court judges (said during the Anna Hazare haratal)
    The very best in the world as in practice for race and language (non-religious because of crusades) is the Belgian Constitution. The unelected gravy train EU has tarnished them by dumping refugees and religion.
    Go see and believe No puddhu Banau Ganesh Ji please.

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