Dr. Benny Prasad to perform in Sri Lanka

Dr.Benny with his World Record CertificateOn 22nd November 2010 Dr. K. Benny Prasad arrived inKarachi (Pakistan) and broke the World Record becoming the fastest person to travel to 245 nations including Antarctica. This magnificent feat took Dr. Benny 6 years, 6 months and 22 days. This was however not the first of his many achievements.

In 2004, he invented the world’s first Bongo Guitar, andperformed with it at the official welcoming of the South African athletes as well as on the cultural stages of the2004 Olympic Games in Greece. He has also performed formany Presidents, Parliaments and Dignitaries. The 2007 World Military Games and the 2012 Olympic & Para-Olympic Games in London are some of the other global audiences that have enjoyed this unique musician’s brand of music.

The story of Dr. Benny Prasad first takes us to the capital of India’s Karnataka state and then to a number of cities and places around the globe. Dr. Benny who was born in Bangalore the child of a highly regarded scientist in India, so there was a high demand placed upon the success he had academically. From birth, Dr. Benny also suffered from severe asthma but medications caused him to develop rheumatoid arthritis and a very weak immune system. Dr. Benny failed to live up to the expectations of his parents which brought about a lot of stress and pushed him closer to the edge so much so that he started contemplating suicide at the age of 16.

But this was the moment Dr.Benny says when God revealed himself to him and came to him in his darkest moment to comfort him. He says he heard the voice of Jesus say to him that he wants to transform his life and make him a new creation and from there onwards his life took a positive turn as new hopes and dreams were instilled into him.

After travelling for 13 years to 257 nations and breaking 6 World Records, Dr. Benny had a new vision and quit world concert tours and built a 400 seater Cafe in Bangalore (India) called Chai3:16 to reach out to college students who are depressed, lonely and suicidal.

This ordinary man with an extraordinary tale will share his life in words and song on Saturday 16th January 2016 from 5:30pm onwards at the Havelock City Clubhouse in Colombo 05. Tickets priced at 200 rupees will be available at the entrance. Facilitated by Nehemiah Consultants this will be the first of many such events featuring extraordinary lives of ordinary people. For more information on tickets please contact 0773 996060 or 0775 234333.