Daily life of Afghan displaced children

AfganKABUL, Jan. 10, 2016 (Xinhua) — Afghan displaced children stand outside their tents in Kabul, capital of Afghanistan, Jan. 10, 2016. More than one million people have to flee their homes due to conflicts in the country, according to officials. (Xinhua/Rahmat Alizadah)


  1. Pictures like these are sadly used by low down politicians to become millionaires. The classic case of little boy drowned with his head stuck on the beach and his father takes a flight back to Turkey where he was living (he and family had applied for a resident visa to Canada and was supported by his relatives living on the dole at Canada- his visa rejected) Almost every picture we saw from then on were attached in same way. Seeing this Merkel and EU opened doors and the result was what happened on New Year’s Day to German women (these are self-respecting people compared to the rest of Europeans in the way they dress)- The weak are the scape goats and quite a few believe the Russians were involved because of the embargo and them trying to maintain the naval base Syria.
    It’s only the beginning of how these Muslims behave in northern Europe (in the south women fear them). White woman is their Moby dick like the black men of freedom thought- soul on ice. Democracy, liberty freedom is not for their faith- we have to be clear about it. Chinese are a collective lot in education and all they do except wealth sharing.
    Officially 350 million folk in china are unemployed and I have seen worse than this picture during my regular travels. Community soup kitchens are cheap (10 pence) so unlike Hindia Chinese don’t die of starvation or hunger related only of course after WTO entry now 30 years on. As soon as Putin got WTO entry he is threatening a nuclear war on the EU mainly Germany though ultimately would be Asia over again now that Pakistan is supporting Saudi.

    This is a long drawn out war making many people rich- arms dealers to social and care workers. 90% of the folk who get refuge in EU are not the eligible ones.

    Japan was nuked and not a hum 70 years on but progress of a hard working nation backed with American Technology (eg. Sony got its first patent rights from US radio ham)and the Marshall plan same with Germany.

    Just hope it finishes with a big bang because nibbling along keeps the whole world tense and crooks of all hues make money for jam.- the amount we pay for security devices etc is sky rocketing.

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