New Zeland police remove a Sri Lankan fan

1452408911573New Zealand police seen removing a Sri Lankan fan for playing music during the New Zealand vs Sri Lanka Twenty20 cricket match at Eden Park today.

A group of Sri Lankan fans had their drums and flags taken off them in the crowd – both of which they’ve used in Eden Park before, and entered the park with, no problem.


  1. Even at beach volly ball there are rules as to when music can be played. This is how 20/20 has to be played.
    If these blokes have New Zealand nationality then the right thing is revoke their nationality deport them. Their actions only create racial prejudices for immigrants who are already integrated with the majority.
    See how Colombo’s integrated society was attacked 1983 by southerners because of the northerners. You are still in that orbit unable to solve the problem because the ones who plan to solve it are the ones whop created it in the first place.
    Sunday Sil, Monday Kill, Kill the Minorities, and Blame the Suddha.


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