Galagodaththe Gnanasara steps down from politics

Ven Galaboda Aththe Gnanasara TheraBodu Bala Sena (BBS) General Secretary and candidate at the last Parliamentary elections, Galagodaththe Gnanasara thero has stepped down from politics.

Gnanasara thero contested the August 17 Parliamentary elections but lost. He contested under the Bodu Jana Peramuna (BJP).

The BJP is to be renamed to contest the next local government elections and the party has made a request to the Elections Commissioner in this regard.

Gnanasara thero said that earlier there was a move to register the BBS as a political party but then there was an attempt to ban the BBS.

As a result the BBS contested the last election under the BJP. However in future it has been decided that the BBS will move away from politics and let others take the BBS concept forward through the BJP.

“We the monks do not need politics now,” Gnansara thero said.

BJP Secretary Dr. Nath Amarakoon said that by having monks in the BJP there was a feeling that the party will be seen as one sided.

So he says it was agreed that the BJP will move ahead without the direct participation of monks. It was also proposed that the name of the party be changed.

He also said that the BJP will put forward proposals to the government on constitutional reforms and will prepare to contest the local government election. (Colombo Gazette)

Report by Ashanthi Warunasuriya


  1. Can you leave the Bbuddha sasanaya also so that Sri Lanka can preserve the Buddhism in our country from thugs.
    Theruwan Saranai

  2. Thank you so much. For the best interest of the Buddhism you may leave the priesthood also.
    Theruwan Saranai.

  3. Rev. Barb. Gnanassara

    You have now erased your evils now. Thank you

    You are not fit to live in civilised human societies.

    You should perish now and be born a wild snake.

  4. Because of YOU, VENARABLE,Sri Lanka,has survived,but for sure with your will be keeping a watchful eye,WHICH YOU SHOULD,& soon Sri Lanka will see the revival of Buddhist Culture & TRUE SRI LANKA HERITAGE.

  5. Clergy have no place in politics,likwise politicians mustn’t get involved with religious affairs to deceive the people..

  6. I’m 100% agree with Sam. YES, you did your job to ouster MR now retired. Go and live Norway
    I’m sure your bank account looks healthy now…

  7. I am ashamed to call you a Buddhist monk. They are many average Buddhist men who are so knowledgeable and considerate towards others. You are a mentally sick person so go and get lost!.

  8. Maybe this fellow would have got a severe warning from President or Prime minister,that’s why he stepped down from politics and now he is planning another tricks so lets see,I think its better to retire and say Bana now.

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