President warns extremist groups are at work

Maithripala SirisenaPresident Maithripala Sirisena today warned that extremist groups are at work and are attempting to destabilise the country.

He urged the public not to be misled by such groups and added that there is no room for extremism be it in the North or the South.

The President was speaking during the special session of Parliament today where a resolution was submitted to convert the Parliament into a Constitutional Assembly.

Several political parties have sought amendments to the resolution and the President called for consensus to draft the new Constitution.

He dismissed claims that some foreign Governments were behind moves to draft a new Constitution for the Country.

As part of the new Constitution a proposal is to be made to abolish the Executive Presidential system.

The President says some feel the Executive Presidential system helped end the war. But he says is someone wants the Executive Presidential system to remain then they expect another war.

President Sirisena said that instead of focusing on the Executive Presidential system efforts must be taken to prevent another war from taking place. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. You became president from UNP and Tamil votes but not from your party. Months and months you secretly planned with your enemies how to go against your own party. So how come you expect your wrong doing to be tolerated by the majority of public. Many armed forces sacrificed their lives to win the freedom you enjoy today. You can release terrorists because of their votes. But you have to face the truth soon.

    • Firstly to put it bluntly- you have not seen/felt what an economic embargo from the west means as we had in 1968. Sovereignty means stupidity only good for UN.
      Whoever you are වරා ලේ (monkey blood) you have to serve the main importer Europeans and that includes China and Russia.
      Your bad logic with confidence is a well know mode in the tolerant west. The tolerant west let both parties have a taste of guns but from now they would recoil.
      Truth is a relative term and you are beginning to face the tune.
      Whether it was tamils and u.n.p. you lost and even if වරා ලේ wins it will be the same march ahead- both tamil and වරා ලේ ba**s will be squeezed.


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