Gandhi says MR will be remembered

gopal-krishna-gaNDHI-SL-15-Gopalkrishna Gandhi, the grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, says former President Mahinda Rajapaksa will be remembered for defeating the LTTE but the crimes committed during the war will also not be forgotten.

Speaking at a ceremony held at the BMICH today to mark the first year of President Maithripala Sirisena’s term in office, Gopalkrishna Gandhi said that destiny chooses its agencies in mysterious ways and there is no doubt that history will accord to Rajapakse a place.

However he noted the massacre of innocents at its denouement has compacted the gore of terror with the blood-thirst of revenge.

“And the killing in cold blood of a child for the sole reason that he was his father’s son, has left the world in cold horror,” he added.

Gopalkrishna Gandhi was referring to the killing of the son of slain LTTE leader Vellupillai Prabakaran. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. If India hasn’t created the Tamils armed groups MR would have committed any crime at all. Why don’t you talk about the attack on Golden Temple? The operation was carried out by Indian Army troops with tanks, artillery, helicopters, armored vehicles and tear gas. According to the official estimate presented by the Indian government, 492 civilians were killed, though numbers put forward by independent human rights organizations are significantly higher. Did you deal with terrorism with zero causality? Preach to yourself before preaching to others. Go home and preach to your leaders first.

  2. The truth about the mass killing of Tamils and the cold blooded murder of a child by the Sinhala military when told in plain words is hard for some to digest. Hence the tirade against the man who said it openly and loudly.

    • This man is talking as if he was a witness to the death of Prabakaran’s son. Like someone said, none of these deaths would have taken place had India not trained and armed Tamil terrorists for decades. Gandi should also tell us whether the massacres and robberies committed by the IPKF from India should be investigated and the guilty punished, if he is genuine about justice.

  3. What is this mf is talking about. This bugger ‘s farther decided dump relief to LTTE back 1987 and arranged a peace agreement with government and gave much needed life blood to already dying LTTE during that period. Go and investigate your own crime against humanity.

    • stupid jerk….!! read the article correctly…b4…shooting ur uneducated mouth off…!!! idot..he’s the grandson of the Great MAHATMA GANDHI….!!!

      • Being grandson of Mahathma Gandi does not mean he is telling the truth. Why wont he talk about any action against those who created Tamil terrorist groups and also sent the IPKF to Sri Lanka to commit gruesome crimes against the Tamil civilians in the North.

    • Still people, most Indians too, do not now that Indira Gandhi or Rajiv Gandhi has no bloodline connection to Mahthma Gandhi.

  4. Crimes committed by the LTTE as well as the support give by the Indian govt: to the LTTE to fight against the Sri Lankan govt too will not be forgotten by the Sri Lankans.

    • But-it was with the Indian support of satellite photo information and Indian Army advisors we were able to Crush the LTTE.

      • talking crap? SL depended more on Chinese info. than India. It was only Pakistan and China sold hi tech arms for SL forces during the war. Indian central gov. always had to crash with TN pro-LTTE sympathizers and had to restrain from supporting to the war on terror in SL. It was SL forces developed their own strategies to fight ruthless LTTE on their own 30 Y experience. India just voted against SL supporting to US during the UN resolutions. India cant claim a bit of credit for winning this war as it was originally a creation of Indira Gandhi.

  5. This man is an oxygen thief, has nothing to offer except trade on his grand father’s name. I have met him in Geneva when he spoke there nearly 6 yrs ago and was trying to make money by autographing his book that was total bollocks. I asked him a simple question and that cornered him – he had no answer.

    Bascially he is capitalising on the Gandhi name and trying to earn money, any well meaning forum would distance itself from this guy

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