Ban hails progress in Sri Lanka after one year

BanUN Secretary-General Ban ki-moon has congratulated President Maithripala Sirisena, and the Government and the people of Sri Lanka on the first year of the country’s political transition.

Ban said he is encouraged by the Government’s commitment to a broad reform agenda that aims to realise durable peace, stability and prosperity for the Sri Lankan people.

The Secretary-General acknowledges the initial steps the Government has taken to strengthen good governance, advance reconciliation and implement the resolution of the Human Rights Council of October 2015.

He urges continued progress in these areas and emphasises the need for inclusive consultation processes to address issues of transitional justice.

The Secretary-General supports the Government’s efforts to advance a nation-wide dialogue to achieve a long-term political settlement acceptable to all. In this regard, he welcomes the Government’s announcement to commence constitutional reform. He called on all stakeholders to cooperate in a spirit of inclusion and good faith.

The Secretary-General remains committed to supporting Sri Lanka’s reform initiatives to secure long-term peace, prosperity and respect for human rights, including through financial support from the Peacebuilding Fund and technical assistance.

He commended Sri Lanka’s leadership in working to transform the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda and its Sustainable Development Goals into reality on the ground.


  1. UN created by USA to offer the world of scum nations to have a say. That includes Russia and China during WW2 Germany, Japan UK (Marshall plan) which needed American money to be what they are today.

    Aren’t all you Sinha le, (monkey le) scum talking from your dirty ambude when you abuse monkey moon,-
    He gives a dam as Lankan slaves are getting a better deal at South Korea than medieval ME- $$$.

  2. Ban.. is your statement far from truth or truth from afar.

    Ban.. is it the same manner you hailed Darusman report, you hail one year’s progress???

    Your Organisation killed progress of Sri Lanka for 30 years.
    Its time you followed the progress of North Korea improving on their Neuclear capability. THIS IS REAL PROGRESS YOU NEED TO HAIL.

    Also you may follow the sudden surge & progress on complaints of Rape & Torture by the inhabitants of the North to rid the area of Military camps.
    Monkey see… Monkey do .. Monkey tricks.

  3. not sure if I quite value Manky Boon’s praise. We have not forgotten the old dark days of your organisation’s pandering to the LTTE.

  4. Mr. Ban, please be honest. For more than 30 years Tamil killing machines carried out top level terrorism in Sri Lanka but your organisation did not speak a word, because everyone knew who was actually behind it. Therefore Sri Lanka does not need your dishonest comments now.

      • So are you Antany Kiwi benefit you get is a Western benefit. Talk about living in a Glass House. Regarding Ban he is a lame duck UN hack living the high life from some one else’s hand outs . Ban is well pass use by date just as UN organization with full of political hacks. Helen Clark ex NZ PM is been tipped to run for the job this proves my point another one of Chardonnay socialist lookin for high life.


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