Norway to support recently resettled communities

image008Norway has come forward to assist the recently resettled communities in the Jaffna District.

Country Director of the United Nations Development Programme [UNDP] in Sri Lanka, Joern Soerensen and the Ambassador of Norway to Sri Lanka Thorbjørn Gaustadsæther today signed a partnership agreement to extend the Government of Norway’s support to the recently resettled communities in the Jaffna District.

UNDP Sri Lanka, with the support of the Government of Norway, will strengthen its work on improving access to justice and livelihood opportunities of the recently resettled communities in the district.

The event held in Colombo, was also attended by Knut Nyfløt, Counsellor of the Royal Norwegian Embassy, Vidya Perera, Senior Advisor at the Royal Norwegian Embassy and Rajendrakumar Ganesarajah, Assistant Country Director of UNDP Sri Lanka. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Traditionally the american poodles would create ethnic strife and look on as if nothing has taken place.
    The f*king kingdom. thy king them come.

  2. These are the people helped Tamil Terrorists to transport batteries for land mines. Their container loads of aid was not for saving lives. So it is clear why they are back. again; to continue from where they stopped. Please ban them coming to Sri Lanka.

  3. The Western countries’ governments and the NGOs are throwing money to keep their influence to isolate China. Tamil leaders supported the Asia’s longest civil war for their own benefits. The brutal war is over, now Tamils are damaging their own people in different ways for their selfish motives. The LCBT in Jaffna is offering courses for Tamil students who failed G.C.E O/L or A/L. All courses are funded by the NGOs. However, the chairman is fooling Tamil students. The LCBT does not have qualified lecturers. Not even one employee has been offered an employment letter with salary details. The Chairman says higher amount when he hires, but pays much lower salary. He is not publishing how much he gets from the NGOs. He has few houses in Colombo and Jaffna, plus two cars. I worked as a lecturer for the LCBT, but resigned last month due to its ill dealings. Last week we took 110 students for a leadership training in Dambulla. However, the LCBT Manager bought alcohol for students. The manager himself didn’t get an employment offer letter with salary details. He enjoyed drinking alcohol more than making leaders during the training. The NGOs are funding the Tamil students’ education, and the Sri Lankan government is funding the leadership training. But Tamils are drinking alcohol on their money. Those days Tamils gave first priority for their education; now days for drinking alcohol. Interestingly, their school manager is buying alcohol for them. Tamils are the biggest enemies for Tamils. Tamils are truly cursed, otherwise they won’t continue to suffer after the brutal war. Without a doubt Tamils’ sad status will continue.


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