New kidney racket in India reveals Sri Lanka link

KidneyExchange.Al.Cincinnati.transplant.1-30-2006A new kidney racket in India under police investigations has revealed that the operations were conducted at three leading hospitals in Sri Lanka.

The Hindu newspaper reported that an unemployed youth from Godavarigudem village of Nalgonda district in India, who was addicted to liquor and habituated to a lavish life, had sold out his kidney to a donor for Indian Rs 5 lakh in December 2014. Later, he turned in to an agent to the kingpin of international kidney rocket, which lured him initially, and facilitated 15 other transplantations.

The donor was identified as Kasaparaju Suresh (22), who currently pursuing a hotel management course in Hyderabad.

During the Police investigation, they have found that Suresh has facilitated 15 transplantations during the past 14 months apart from him. The donors include from Nalgonda (4), Hyderabad (4), Bengalauru (4), Tamil Nadu (2), Mumbai (1) and New Delhi (1).

All the kidney transplantation surgeries were performed in Colombo in Sri Lanka at three major hospitals – Nawaloka Hospital, Western Hospital and Lanka Hospital – though the donors and recipients were from India.

Speaking to news reporters in India on Wednesday, Superintendent of Police, Vikram Jeet Duggal said that Suresh had facilitated for 15 kidney donations for which he got some Rs 50,000 to Rs one lakh as commission for getting each donor while the donor was given Rs 5 lakh.

Duggal said Suresh placed his information website in November 2014 and got a call within days. Suresh immediately accepted to the proposal since he needed money badly, he said.

Following this, the accused had motivated 15 people from across the nation to donate their kidneys for a meagre amount of just about Rs 5 lakh. All the cash transactions were done online.

All the donors were taken to Ahamedabad in Gujaat to conduct the tests before proceeding to Colombo. Apart from Suresh Police have arrested donors from Nalgonda. P.Mahesh and Mohammad Abdul Hazeez and Kothapally Naresh. (Colombo Gazette)


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