Security forces on alert for IS groups in Sri Lanka

is-flagThe Ministry of Defence (MOD) says the security forces are on full alert to identify if there are Islamic State (IS) terrorist members operating in Sri Lanka.

An MOD statement said that it has been brought to the notice of the Ministry of Defence that some recently-published media reports indicated the presence of Islamic State (IS) terrorist members in the country and their alleged links with the ISIS organization.

“Security Forces and all Intelligence wings wish to give a categorical assurance that they are on full alert to the possibilities of such links or emergence of IS groups round the clock as it is the prime responsibility of the Security Forces and National Intelligence,” the MOD statement said.

The Ministry of Defence also noted that revelations in the media, some with vital and sensitive information, often tend to become counterproductive and could jeopardize the efforts to identify such elements.

The Ministry of Defence says the situation is in no way a cause for alarm or panic. However the Ministry of Defence refused to divulge any information related to IS in Sri Lanka as such intelligence is yet to be analyzed, evaluated and properly established. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Why should they inform when its the adjoining Muslim Nations and Lanka Sinhala Buddhist and Muslim government from 1948??
    If Lanka has more ISIS then American $$$ would would easily flow for the military to enjoy life like the Pakistani military. If they bomb India then the MR” government would be outdone for MR1 to reenter as President.


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