Tony Blair and Sampanthan discuss UN resolution

CX3zeAbWYAAY07U_FotorFormer British Prime Minister Tony Blair met Tamil National Alliance (TNA) and opposition leader R Sampanthan today and discussed the UN resolution on Sri Lanka.

The TNA media office said that the discussion also included resettlement, accountability, a political solution, the return of Tamil people’s land, and disappeared persons.

Blair is in Sri Lanka to attend an economic forum at the invitation of the Sri Lankan Government.

There is speculation Blair is keen to play the role of peace-maker on the Sri Lankan issue. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Why Sri Lanka need discarded politicians from Europe to solve Sri Lankan internal issues. Since the Jadapalana government came to power, thousands of British, American and their allies came to interfere; and all paid by either the SL Government or Tamil diaspora. Why Sri Lankan government is unable to handle internal issues without having these separatists?

    • He is not the Lankan warlord type but has just 12 SAS men. MR1 and Chandrika have 500 army 200 police and there is no war.
      Learn something from UK.

  2. Dangerous minds are coming together. White man who divides and rules the world, and dangerous TNA are coming together. Sinhalese and Asians must watch-out carefully. Sinhalese have two major political parties such as UNP and SLFP. Likewise Tamil Nadu has AIADMK and DMK. But Sri Lankan Tamils who are divided more than others has only TNA. What does it tell you? The TNA leaders are doing everything to undermine their own Tamils. Sri Lankan Tamils are the most dangerous creatures.

    • On 14September 2015 ourForeign Minister told UNHRC that the causes of Terrorism would be tackled in our country.
      In 2010 manySinhalese retired govt servants, professors, lawyers etc told LLRC that successive governments from 1948 have been discriminatinf the Tamils politically and economically.
      Last June NPC Governor told Ceylon Chamber of Commerce that no talks for political solution were held and no economic development was happening in the North.

  3. Sri Lanka is a member of the UN and has been getting funding from various countries and various entities of the UN. To get foreign aid successive governments seek outsiders for conflict resolution but only get bitter pills which they don’t like to swallow – serve ethnic minorities justice. Two months back UK gave some funding.

  4. bLiar is not for BTF/GTF but himself and not even the current Labour Party. Sampathan is for Bodhi Sira who made him opposition leader in his final days.
    It takes two to tango.
    The Sinhala Buddhist are in for a windfall if these 2 take the helm.


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