Anandasangaree ready to support Tamil People’s Council

veerasingham-anandasangareeTamil United Liberation Front (TULF) Secretary General V Anandasangaree says he is ready to give his full support to the Tamil People’s Council if it converts into a political party.

He says If the intended alliance led by Northern Province Chief Minister C.V. Wigneswaran had turned out to be a new political party he would have welcomed it as an ideal achievement.

“But even today a satisfactory situation did not develop. An opportunity is given to various people to say that the new organisation will work in coordination with the TNA. Some say that it will not oppose it but will only function in support of it. Such statements appearing in various media has caused a lot of confusion in the minds of the common people. If this is true it will not only prove useless and will not give any benefit but only prevent anyone from finding alternate means,” he said.

Anandasangaree also noted that the Tamil People’s Council has said it will frame a good constitution for Sri Lanka. But he says it is doubtful whether it will be acceptable to the Government.

“In the past various proposals had been placed before the Constitutional Councils many times. Most of them had been rejected by the respective councils,” he said.

Northern Province Chief Minister C V Wigneswaran was recently appointed as the head of the new organisation comprising Tamil politicians and civil society members.

The main committee in the ‘Tamil People’s Council’ includes Tamil National Alliance members Dharmalingham Sidharthan and Suresh Premachandran and Tamil National People’s Front leader Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF) Secretary General V Anandasangaree must focus on building the TULF, instead of daydreaming about Tamil People’s Council.

  2. Mr. Shiva Pasupathy, former Attorney General of Sri Lanka and constitutional expert had rejectedMrWiggie’s
    request to join TPC quoting a valid reason. Like-minded
    educated Tamil people like him will give the same answer if they are approached . TNA should not have
    anything to do with TPC if they have faith in the govt.
    that they will solve the Tamil problem within the 1st
    term of five years. Patience is required as Govt. too
    has to solve it tactfully, without upsetting the majority
    community, who will be instigated by communal forces
    to revolt against the govt. if things are rushed through.

    TNA is experienced enough to handle Tamil problems and no outside advice is required. International community too advises TNA periodically.

  3. All rejected people hold the couple of people hands play game with outside forces. They do not want solve the tamil probs. they want to continue their business

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