Swire here next week to extend UK support

hugo swireUK Minister of State for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office Hugo Swire is scheduled to visit Sri Lanka next week, sources told the Colombo Gazette.

Swire is scheduled to have talks with the Government and the opposition during the visit.

Following the August Parliamentary elections, the British Government had said it looks forward to continue working with Sri Lanka.

While congratulating Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera on his reappointment to the post in August, Hugo Swire had said he looks forward to continue working with Sri Lanka on peace and prosperity. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. For hundreds of years they created troubles to so called commonwealth countries. For example, recently the President of Commonwealth was banned from entering UK to the meeting when Tamil Tiger Terrorists influenced them. So what type of peace they are going to bring to Sri Lanka? Also Sri Lanka will be better-off appointing a donkey as the foreign minister as current one is a slave of these western powers.

  2. Swire for what when british Govt is bankrupt, heavily dependent on China to prop them up and plagued by natural disasters for their sins yet cling on to the tail of Uncle Sam to show their power.

    When Nature & Economy are punishing them what business Swire got in Sri Lanka??

  3. It’s all to do with the pulse of Cameron in the context of Uk involvement with the wide world.
    Like shill Sharma
    Nannygate Scotland is the one to watch. With Sir Desmond they would paper over the human rights issues for sure- as if nothing happened and simply setup a foundation saying never again like Stephen Lawrence case magnified.


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