Lankans attempting to enter Romania from Ukraine arrested

politie_frontiera_74642100Border guards have arrested four Sri Lankans attempting to illegally enter Romania from Ukraine.

The arrest was made yesterday as the authorities along the Romania and Ukraine looked to stop illegal immigrants crossing the border.

The four Sri Lankans had attempted to cross through the river Tisza when they were detected by border police and arrested.

Initial investigations revealed that the men could not speak Romanian and were of Asian origin. On being questioned it was revealed that the men were from Sri Lanka aged between 21 and 46 years. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. We must blame our leaders in the third world for the sorry situation for it’s citizens being restricted to many developed countries where there is a change of fortunes for people like Romanians where in the past I had to obtain work permits for them to work for me and those restrictions are no more.
    Our thieving corrupt self-seeking politicians have ruined our chances of our innocent citizens ever entering the developed countries.They never fought for our rights or dignity and they and their cronies were free to travel and settle abroad with money looted from the country while the humble people are deliberately brainwashed with religion and a backward culture as tool to subjugate and control and are condemned to live within their own back yard.
    We hope leaders like RW would put some influence on the western countries to ease these restrictions or threaten to not to cooperate in international events like global warming etc.We should not participate in any international events where the former corrupt regimes used the poor taxpayers’ money to live a high life abroad, beat each other after drinking blue whiskey etc.Truly shameful.

    • “”ease these restrictions or threaten to not to cooperate in international events like global warming etc.”

      modaya why should we in the west offer you refuge and the good life?? Its your own leaders who spoke of sovereignty appe ratte appe anduva.-
      Cultural Shock is a plague that effects when 3rd world comes to the west.
      Threaten?? Nassar, Saddam Qaddafi and many have threatened and the nations have gone back to stone age. Take care put your house in order than say Suddhata Gamun like Buruwansa.

  2. From the time of the very first revolution by JVP it’s the Old Lankan route to West Germany via Eastern Europe.
    Tamils and Sinhalese still use it.
    Both hold nationalist fascist meetings to gather funds from the west and blow themselves up.
    “Weerawansa is on tour in Europe to meet Sri Lankans living abroad”- the begging bowl concept of sinhala buddhist pin padde.

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