Army chief says troops ready for any challenge

20160101Day_05Army Commander Lieutenant General Crishanthe De Silva says the army is prepared to face any challenge.

Addressing troops at the Colombo Army Headquarters, Crishanthe De Silva said that everyone in the army should remember that their prime responsibility is to safeguard the territorial integrity and the unitary status of the country while extending their best cooperation towards nation-building.

“The Army should always be prepared to face any challenge when it matters to the defence of the country,” he said.

He further reminded the troops that discipline as the most vital and central component in the army, should always be given the first priority since it is what the army is all about and meant for.

“I expect everyone to work towards minimizing the number of lapses on the part of our discipline in the New Year. Ours is an organization based on discipline, nothing but the discipline,” he said.

Paying tribute to all those working in the army, the Commander reminded them of the importance of fulfilling their duties to the best of their capabilities for the best interest of the public and the country at large. (Colombo Gazette)



  1. Removing army from east to pay the way for Terror demands is not discipline. Army should not support to carryout missions of corrupt top politician promises to divide the country.

  2. what challenge this guy is talking about. where are the threats coning from. i see no external threats . does he mean threats are coming from his fellow there a disgruntled section of the population. why doesn’t he try and address their grievances instead of challenging his fellow countrymen. what a load of bollocks.

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