Pakistan to sell JF-17 aircraft to Sri Lanka

pakistan-to-sell-jf-17-aircraft-to-sri-lanka-1451554744-8126Pakistan is expected to secure an agreement for the sale of the JF-17 Thunder Aircraft during Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s visit in Sri Lanka in the first week of January 2016, IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly reported.

JF-17 Thunder is a third-generation fighter co-produced by Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC) and China’s Chengdu Aircraft Industry Corporation (CAC).

The prime minister’s upcoming talks in Colombo follow a mid-November visit to Pakistan by Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) commander Air Marshal Gagan Bulathsinhala during which the JF-17 was showcased by the Pakistanis.

Immediately after the visit AM Bulathsinhala was invited to send an evaluation team of technicians and pilots to PAC’s Kamra facilities near Islamabad, where the JF-17 is produced.

The SLAF – which already flies several other Chinese-made aircraft types – is currently looking to upgrade its fighter capabilities. At present these rely on the Israel Aircraft Industries Kfir, which served as the workhorse of SLAF ground attack operations in the 1983-2009 civil war against the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE).

Currently the JF-17 is flown only by the Pakistan Air Force (PAF), with the first squadron of Block 1 aircraft becoming operational in 2010. In late December 2015, PAC rolled out the 16th of a planned total of 50 Block 2 aircraft to complete the PAF’s fourth JF-17 squadron in service.

Phasing out its older Dassault Mirage III/5s and Chinese F-7Ps fighters, the PAF reportedly plans to induct at least 250 JF-17s. By contrast, China’s People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) does not fly the JF-17.


  1. Whom are you fighting?? Gonibilla.. grease yakka went away.
    Irony is Russia hands tech to China in bits and pieces and China hands it same way to Pakistan because Russia and Pakistan cant have direct contact.- Fred Truman’s baby is to buy 1/2 dozen F16’s and its Barracks wish they get it before he leaves.
    The european powers rule while Asians fool themselves.

  2. I appreciate the dececion of purchasing , the new “JF-17” made by Pakistan and China for the SLAF.
    The intercepter “Kfir-c2” and the ground attacker “MIG-27”
    retirement , and raplacement is a good thing for the SLAF.


    1. The “Kfir-c2″ entered service in ” 1996 “. But the
    ground attacking gunship-” MIl MI -24″ entered
    service in “1995” !!!! So the SLAF must replace
    MI-24 by “MI – 28- Havoc” before replacing kfirs.

    2. While ‘ Pakistan Aeronautics ‘ request to buy ‘ JF-17 ‘
    from them , Russia requested to by newest
    ” SUKHOI JETS ” from them. The SLAF must know
    about the power of ‘ Sukhoi Jets (Su-24/33/34)
    by watching the air attacks in SYRIA from Russia
    against ISIS.

    3. The SLAF must remember that SL is an island.
    ‘ The SLAF has very poor capability against
    Enemy Naval Forces, and very weak on ‘ Close-
    Air-Support ‘ on SL Navy. So the the SLAF must
    succeed on this chalenge immediately !!!!
    The SLAF must purchase ” Kamov KA-50 / 52″
    Naval support , Anti-Ship helicopter from Russia.

    4. Finally I must say that SLAF must ‘ Upgrade ‘ the old
    MI-17 – This helicopter can be upgraded by adding
    Rocket pods on the sides and a 30mm gun
    under nose with IR or Night Vision sight.
    This helps the helicopter to fly deeper into
    enemy zones.
    AN-32 – One of these aircrafts must be upgraded
    as an AWACS. Which they helps the jets and
    gunships to engage targets easily.

    Finally I must say that the SLAF will take dececions ‘wisely’
    and ‘ Think about Above Major Problems ‘.
    ” And I WISH the SLAF would purchase MI-28 , SU-24/33/
    34/ , Kamov KA-50/52 aircrafts and ‘ Upgrade ‘ as written
    Thank you!

    Protect the SL sky forever!

    — The 2016 batch President of Ananda College Aeronautical Academy ( Hemal) —-


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