No ban on foreign singers performing in Lanka

1916479_10153865053669390_2106795047888648191_nThe Government says there is no move to ban top foreign singers from performing in Sri Lanka despite concerns raised over a recent concert.

Minister S.B. Dissanayake said the President Maithripala Sirisena was concerned over the conduct of local fans at a concert staged by Latino star Enrique Iglesias in Colombo last week but was not against the singer.

Earlier this week the President said the Enrique Iglesias concert organised by Live Events Sri Lanka and staged in Colombo had a negative impact on local culture and tradition.

He said the concert saw some girls removing their undergarments and throwing it towards the singer while one girl got on stage and kissed him.

The President said that usually people will punish the girls for their behavior at the concert but he feels the punishment should be given to the organizers.

His comments drew strong criticism from social media users but on Tuesday the President defended his views.

The comments made by the President also drew wide international media attention including on the top music website Billboard.

Former Cricketers Kumar Sangakkara and Mahela Jayawardena who are the board members of Live Events Sri Lanka, later called for an internal inquiry into the shortcomings at the Enrique Iglesias concert staged in Colombo and have also decided to compensate the fans.

Sangakkara and Jayawardena said in a joint statement that the organizers are in agreement, with their direction, that such shortcomings must not be tolerated. (Colombo Gazette)



  1. Mr President You can Never Stop The Music.- the music will go on.
    But your culture department must do its job like in the west. the Spanish know how to kiss….had kissed her… and not even on the cheek, on the mouth!
    The priest asked “with or without tongue?”

  2. The impression of the theme itself “Love and Sex” twist the mind of youngsters to a different level followed by Drugs, violence and anti social behavioral issues. Live concerts of wild music have become an issue in western countries with increased drug related deaths of young teenagers. Most anti social behavior and violence are fueled by alcohol and drugs. Criminals target these venues to push drugs to the fans attending these performances and there is an increase of drug overdosed deaths and in some cases unrecoverable damages to health. Removing underwear by teenage girls and throw them to the stage is a common scene in these venues mainly by the attending young females affected by drugs and alcohol use. These incidents are common in open air venues than in performances where seated accommodations given to the audience. Whilst these performances are to promote tourist industry here in Sri Lanka this also attracts international drug dealers, to the country.

    • Alugosuwa!! very smart buruva.
      When the politicians import drugs via the ministry of culture. PM office what are you blaming modaya??
      From the 70’s Hikkaduva is famous for heroin. Who brings it but sinhala buddhist.

  3. This is not f/kiss by Spanish ,this is about selling of alcohol in public place and act of indiscipline manner by people of the country. people in the country knew who is this great current president so no needs others to give advice how to run the country. what was he explained to public do not act like animals.

  4. ABSURD. What punishment was meted out to your son for beating up a DIG’s son and his wife? What punishment did you mete out when he destroyed a club soon after you won? Absurd your Excellency. This is the 21st century and you are talking like an intolerant Wahabi Taleban person and not a real Buddhist. The girl’s parents can deal with her. Why the hell do you have to interfere with a young Colombo westernized crowds fun? This is not uncommon at this sort of show. You should be ashamed. Try to fix your family first and do not butt into this. You were so oddly silent on the bigger issue of a important MP of your UNP government party abducting someone. Why didn’t you say something about that as a Sinhala Buddhist? This is the 21st century; social media, internet pop western music dominate almost entire world except Wahabi Taleban types and N.Korea. May it is good in your culture for a senior minister of Religion and law and order to take Viagra and Ecstasy and have sex with a young escort? Look into the mirror Sir look into the mirror first. When you point a finger remember 4 are pointing back at you. Ask Daham about beating up a DIG’s son and wife.

  5. I believe this story is blown out of proportion. We know that there was a bra thrown at Enrique, but do we know who throw this bra at Enrique? It says, it was a woman threw the bar. Is there any proof on this? It could be a man who throw the bra at Enrique and tried to provoke the audience and the media knowing Sri Lanka’s culture. In any case, in any culture, this kind of behavior is still not acceptable. I remember that Janet Jackson (Michal’s Jackson Sister) did similar thing during the Super Bowl (2010), JJ and TV station apologized to the audience. If I am correct, FCC fined CBS a $550,000. I do not blame the President, probably he was misinformed about the incident. But the President is correct when he says, he cannot allow people to walk naked in the street because no society is still wants to go back to primitive stage of human civilization. When Societies decide to go back to primitive stage (people wearing no cloth) with advance mindsets, no one needs underwear (women or men).

  6. I had two Spanish girl friend during my collage days in London but not so good as my wife but enjoyed their music that I sang in Spanish.Andalucian one was better cultured that the Galician one.


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