Evidence collected to prosecute MR and others

Mahinda RajapaksaLaw enforcement authorities are close to instituting legal proceedings against ousted president Mahinda Rajapaksa and members of his regime, a Government spokesman said.

Health Minister Rajitha Senaratne said enough evidence had been uncovered to hold trials against former regime members facing human rights abuse and corruption charges, Economy Next reported.

Independent investigations were made possible as the new government formed after the January 2015 presidential poll restored freedom of action of law enforcement agencies, he told a news conference.

“Their misdeeds are now being revealed and they are about to be arrested,” Senaratne said, referring to members of the former Rajapaksa regime.

“The main investigations are over and the law enforcement agencies are on the verge of initiating legal action.”

Investigations against the Rajapaksa family include a probe into the murder of a popular rugby player and allegations of hidden wealth in foreign banks, charges the Rajapaksas have rejected. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. The pot calling the kettle black scenario!
    They are all in it.
    Kerry is on stagnant and putrid water until November 2016.
    The fear is of Mara coming to power and how to extend term of parliament with the new constitution.
    Which is on the cards according to Ranjitha
    Will the Chinese bail out Lanka with its balance of payment now that India has done it for 2015??

  2. Rajitha is the CIA agent acting full-time to destroy the freedom of Sri lanka, but say something else. He can kidnap underage girl for his disable son, but no charge.


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