Sanga, Mahela decide to compensate Enrique fans

12072812_1494474244186824_1958889878343672736_nFormer Cricketers Kumar Sangakkara and Mahela Jayawardena who are the board members of Live Events Sri Lanka, have called for an internal inquiry into the shortcomings at the Enrique Iglesias concert staged in Colombo and have also decided to compensate the fans.

Sangakkara and Jayawardena said in a joint statement that the organizers are in agreement, with their direction, that such shortcomings must not be tolerated.

“As such, we have informed them that an apology in itself is not sufficient, but further appropriate compensation has to be made in the form of a suitable refund, irrespective of the financial loss to us,” the statement said.

Earlier President Maithripala Sirisena slammed the organizers of the Enrique Iglesias concert staged in Colombo saying it had a negative impact on local culture and tradition.

Sangakkara and Jayawardena’s statement reads: “We wish to apologise to all of you for your negative experience at the recently concluded Enrique Concert. Although both of us were overseas fulfilling cricket commitments, we were shocked and saddened to hear of the events that transpired. It is extremely disappointing for us that this event, organised to assist the development of Sri Lanka as a tourist and entertainment hub and provide the public with exceptional entertainment of a high standard by accessing celebrated international artists, turned out in this manner. We are issuing this statement today, after understanding all circumstances and the facts.

When the idea was pitched to us and other investors by the organisers to bring an artist such as Enrique to Sri Lanka, we backed it in all good faith expecting a stellar event delivered in a professional manner to the public of Sri Lanka. Although we realised that such a venture will be an arduous one due to the well-known challenges and market restraints of organising such large-scale events in Sri Lanka, we were willing to support this endeavour considering the rich experience and the image-building potential for Sri Lanka’s tourism. As such, all required resources – both financial and otherwise – were made available to the organizers to ensure the desired outcome.

Unfortunately, the event has fallen far short of these expectations. Although we believe that the organising team worked tirelessly and with good intentions to ensure a well-run event, there have clearly been glaring mistakes made, for which responsibility needs to be taken.

Firstly, although the delay of the artist and some equipment arriving at the venue, which caused the subsequent delay in opening the gates to usher in the public, for which the artist responsibly and graciously apologized, was beyond the control of the organizers, the communication of this to the public was mishandled, thereby inconveniencing people greatly. Those that stood patiently in-line for hours were not extended the courtesy of being informed of the ground situation. This at the very beginning would have frustrated and angered all of you.

Secondly, although a professional security company was hired and protocols were put in place to ensure the safety and the comfort of all, we have been made well-aware that these measures were inadequate when faced with the challenges of controlling such a large gathering, and failed alarmingly. This obviously undermined the overall experience for those who purchased premium tickets by their respective space being encroached upon by others, and we fully understand their disappointment and anger. The premium price paid by them for their tickets needs to be respected and their comfort and viewing experience should have been safeguarded, which is under the direct purview of the organizers.

The organizers are in agreement, with our direction, that such shortcomings must not be tolerated. As such, we have informed them that an apology in itself is not sufficient, but further appropriate compensation has to be made in the form of a suitable refund, irrespective of the financial loss to us.

With regards to recent reports concerning Live Events and Municipal entertainment taxes, we categorically state the company remains transparent and ethical in all operations.

Live Events will continue to ensure full compliance with all relevant tax commitments and is providing all necessary information to the Colombo Municipal Council, in order to clarify facts and the way forward. Accountability and integrity is paramount to us and we believe it to be the same for the organizers.

Although we know an apology or refund cannot fully satiate your disappointment, we wish to reiterate that we remain fully committed to all of you and our country. As such, a full and thorough internal inquiry is ongoing into all areas of concern”. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. There is a hint of “racism” in the comment made by the country’s leader, which is unacceptable. Sinhala Buddhists are the majority, but he forgets the many other ethnic groups in Sri Lanka. As another commented, this “Sinhala Buddhist” country is full of Bars, Brothels, Casinos and other illegal activities which, the Authorities, turn a “blind eye” to.

    As regards to the event, not only has the ticket money to be refunded, compensation too has to be paid for the tremendous inconvenience caused to the people who paid exhorbitant rates for the disastrously poorly organized event. Banning these events is not the answer. The Authorities should ensure that they are properly organized and monitored throughout. Action should really be taken against them for failing to do so. The public needs good entertainment and the Artist cannot be blamed for the inebriated audience’s bad behaviour. These events are not going to boost “Tourism” as the Cricketers claim. These are available in abundance throughout the world and they do not have to come here for it.

    • This a bloddy underdeveloped country, meaning the thoughts and minds of the people in this country are not developed to absorb such events. Hooting, jeering etc are common occurences all over including the parliament.
      Mind improvement has to be done to develop the country and not constitutional reforms as proposed by the govt

      What to do we live carefully watching the events and remaining helplessly until such time some start a class for all of the citizens to learn what is called discipline.

  2. Hello!! Mekko Ekka Nidiya Gaththama BALLO Ekka Nagitinna Wenwa- Cricket Poth wala Mewe Nehe- Both Sanga and Mahela use your brains or Think before you Leap. Money is not everything. Prez wanted to whip both of you people with a Stringgay tail-He can borrow one from the Prisons Deparetment, Welikada. bye Nihal G

  3. Mahela Jayawardena & Kumar Sangakkara are two
    cultured & great cricketers of fame in world cricket
    and wonder what will happen to their contracts already signed and future ones and contracts entered into
    with advertisers. We know what happened to the contracts done by Tiger Woods, Blade runner of Africa and some cricketers like Azaruddin. How will they face whole lot of celebrities they know around the world. These two should answer as to why liquor was put on sale in a concert without a main meal on the menu. In India such events sponsored by Bollywood happen every night ,witnessed by much larger crowds and never heard of any disturbance or unruly behaviour
    by the audience .
    Never knew that some lucky Sri Lankans have such a lot of un accounted money to pay Rs.50,000/- for the tickets and drinks while majority of them cannot afford to have a full meal a day. It is admitted that Sri Lankans
    lack organizational capabilities and flop in every event.
    in some way. Poor Mahela & Kumar have to do some
    face saving tactics to clear their good name as they
    were roped in to the organizing committee, though they were scheduled to be in UK , signing contracts, to get a bigger audience.

  4. Come on mates don’t talk rubbish of culture,,, where thousands of liquor bars around the country with brothals
    Are functioning in regular basis and also night clubs every where,,,,where is the culture gone on these things????you guys are diggings your own grave by talks about Sinhala Buddhists,,, stop this nonsanse.buddhist is one thing & Sinhalease is another thing,,,so pls do not joint together and say Sinhala Buddhists any more,,,this is a disaster for pure Buddhism you idiots


  5. I cannot understand what Bandit is trying to comment.
    Here there are shortcomings from the organizers in staging this event because there was no coordination from them with the relevant authorities before embarking on this performance. CMC and the public are crying foul and the President himself is drawn into the fray ( though unnecessary)
    This is entertainment involving international stars and perhaps the first of its kind and some loose ends can be expected and lessons learned.
    Timely intervention of the great cricketing due to sort out matters amicably is welcome.

    • Caliphate!!
      “This is entertainment involving international stars and perhaps the first of its kind ”
      Do you speak Spanish?? Puta madre cabeza.
      What are you planning to teach Europe?? Latin? The Bard never liked Latin so there is less grammar in English and we have to borrow from German and French but never Arabic.
      Your game is : sex, drugs, casinos in lieu of hallal as Namal wanted. and it’s your dream. Ophelia.



      • Mr. Bandit please dont create any misfortunes to Sri Lankan people who want to live in unity. But rather we should work together to prosper our Mother Land Sri Lanka. You have serious problem with Muslims and Islam. But We respect you people too. So lets not fight . Remebr even if a person has sex,drugs etccc. it cannot explain Buddhism or Islam. So they cannot be judged by current people’s behaviour. Just go and read what good things Buddhism & Islam both says together. And gud behavior of Buddha & Prophet Muhammad. So u wont talk nonsence/different but will talk similarities. Thank you Bro.

        • unfortunately for uninformed you the west is very serious about Lankan/Syria ISIS.- mind your rear putha.
          We are changing the `global village concept` because the resources have gone outside the west to hit back the common westerner.
          When it hits the island will be police state like Ranil has envisaged in his revolution plan.

  6. What’s next. A public striptease. You could also make lots of money and also gather a bigger audience. Well done our role models of cricket.

  7. Hi- Mahela Sanga do you all know who is this man’s father Julio. He is the local SARUWA of Embilipitiya area who confessed that he slept with ..number of women. Julio also appeared in a Channel 9 Interview and confessed or boasted he slept with ? number of women? No issue there in Australia , but in Sri Lanka you cannot promote this type of thing. Cricket fans in Sri Lanka accepted both of you as Clean Sheets!! Now some people are questioning you are ready to do anything to amass money? We think now behind your cricket gear there is a demon called Money. OK bye- Be good boys!! Nihal Gunatilake

  8. Yes,I totally not accept this kind of musical entertainment after all this is a Buddhist country and everyone should respect the religion as well and also it’s disgusting to see our women are so crazy for this music and later started throwing brassiers and underpants what a shame Sri Lankan women especially those who behaved like this and its good the President gave a right warning not to behave like this in future.

    • Bullocks who said Srilanka is a Buddhist country,,,,
      It’s a multi ethnic country,,,mate.can you show me a single thing which is supporting Buddhism in Srilanka,
      You have country wide liquor bars,,, brothals ,,,night clubs,,,casinos,,,, where is Buddhism here,,, don’t try to fool by your self,,, day before the poya day is the highest income for liquor so called Sinhala Buddhists bar owners,,,what else you want to know idiots,,,

  9. What a shame that these two caved to the pressure of their idiot out of touch president. I now have absolutely no desire to visit this country, or to support it economically in any way.

    • Out of touch Persident heading an out of touch government.
      This is one of the countries in the world that consumes very high quantites of alcohol. That too been a tropical country without a winter.
      Attempting to portrate it as a Buddhist country. Hipocrasy at its best!!

  10. London is the center for art and entertainment as much as it is for finance-

    Sinhala Buddhist culture does not have it- period.

    It’s not an easy industry and if it was so then London would not retain top spot but be taken over by France the city of Romance.

    Arabs fly over the beaches of Spain with binoculars’ to the distaste of locals.
    Lanka vigorously exports sex slave to the Arabs.
    Irony is these pol pittha guys want to promote tourism via entertainment.

    India retaining culture.- Bollywood invited `Akon` as background Chammak Challo Song and he did it better than Anglo Indian Katrina Kaif. “Sheila Ki Jawani”

      • Sunny,
        the ministry of culture does not spend 100% of time on building temples as at Lanka.
        the girls in bikini are mostly indians from abroad.
        see how that sri lankan model is used. its been like that from independence.

    • Mr. Bandit you are good to break unity among communities in Sri Lanka. Yes we agree some arabs fly to other countries to do all sort of bad behavior. But they will be accounted for atom weight of bad they one day. Thats for sure. But we should not break unity but rather work as a team for a prosperous motherland Sri Lanka. So lets not fight but lets work together . Thank you

      • Following me?? you cant because i am on horseback.
        Stay united as much as you can.I never asked anyone to divide. (But caliphate is your goal not 5 billion people of the world.)
        But do not try to hoodwink me by saying I hate. I understand what is hate better than you do.
        Hate boomerangs not I.
        I have to listen to MI5&6….

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