Wimal warns Sri Lankan community in Europe

CJ_03Leader of the National Freedom Front, Parliamentarian Wimal Weerawansa has warned the Sri Lankan community in Europe that Sri Lanka’s future is under threat.

Weerawansa is on tour in Europe to meet Sri Lankans living abroad and to brief them on the dangers faced by Sri Lanka in the near future.

As part of the visit Weerawansa visited Berlin and addressed the Sri Lankans living in Berlin on the topic “The Injustice done to a Nation by a White man’s court”. (Colombo Gazette)


Photos by Chinthaka de Silva and Helmut Ulmann


  1. It is a good decision by patriots like Weerawansa to educate the usually mislead Sri Lankans living abroad about the true happenings inside the country and the many threats faced by the country in the future. People living in Sri Lanka are more concerned over things like the Enrique concert or the cost of living and so on, while the carpet is being pulled right under their feet. So, hopefully if Weerawansa can gather a few people from abroad to try and form a group who act sensibly in matters that are threatening our motherland, then at least we can be happy that something is being done stead of nothing at all. I see little hope of patriots in SL uniting as there are too many obstacles and too many traitors in their mids. Weerawansa’s attempt is appreciated and laudable in these troubled waters.

  2. If you assume that Weerawansa will not draw the attention of Sri Lankans living in Europe, you are sadly mistaken. Weerawansa had 4 meetings in England, 7 in Italy, 2 in Germany, 1 in Paris and 1 in Oslo.The crowed visiting these meetings prove there are enough and more Sri Lankans living abroad who love their motherland.
    Germany was divided by the 4 super powers due to racism. After 40 years Germany became “one nation”. More than any other country in the world Germany knows very well what it means to be divided for 40 years and re-united for 25 years.
    I think that’s why Weerawansa is crying his heart out cautioning us to see the danger of becoming a divided Sri Lanka.

  3. Modawanse sends his 3 kids to Eaton each costing £35,000 per year
    Where does buruwanse get this type of money??
    Heroin or Harem??

    • To call Weerawansa “Modawansa” it self shows what an intelligent person you are. First engage your brain before writing a comment.

      • stop placing your head between your legs.We think from our healthy skins.

        A dog is a dog not a cat.
        A chameleon is a Chameleon not a gecko

  4. School drop out, would never try to make that speech at London like Shashi Tharoor at Oxford – Air Brushing History- lanka is peanuts talking bollocks compared to the wealth of Baharat before 48.
    Humour at its best.

    • Hey Timpu, there are hundreds of school drop outs who are successful persons in the world. Thomas Edison, Abraham Lincon, Walt Disney are just 3 names. Do some research in the world wide web and educate your self. Its all free for you to learn. I am sure numerous readers of this website (including me) are laughing at you thinking what a joker you are.

      • moda sudeee, when you get a booker prize let us know.
        free education is the bane of your terror – no job 8-5 so jvp lifts the gun- way to go ambude putha.

  5. I live in UK and very recently visited the Sri Lankan High Comission in London to inquire about the potenetial opportunities that are in place for Sri Lankan expatriates to return to Sri Lanka. I understood from couple of discussions I have had few meetings with some senior officers and they could not give substantial direction for me to proceed.

    This request was also made by the previous regime when Mr. Mahinda Rajapakse was in power but was never materialised.

    In order for any Sri Lanka succeed in a ventures such as inviting the educationally qualified and experienced professionals to return to Sri Lanka, the ruling government MUST put a forwadly intergrated strategy in place . It is important to point out that the Sri Lankan professionals who are educated are very well establishe in the western world. Hence to uproot them there should be good incentives and encouragements that are in place with reasonable benifits. Having said that it will not be a difficult task to see a revers migration of expatriate Sri Lankans, as there are many high end professionals who will seriously consider returning to Sri Lanka since there is no war in the country.

    • What you are asking for does not exist at any nation.
      It’s whom you know not what you know that matters.
      connections don’t come easy because you are billion dollar man. It’s all business corruption or no corruption.
      Try registering with head hunters.

    • Don, It is a very good point that you raised. The government wants the expat to return and contribute to post war developments. Simultaneously making everything difficult and no clear direction as to how and where the government needs contribution.

      I have three masters degree in special needs education and I am the only qualified and registered behaviour analyst registered in Sri Lanka by the US. I want to return and contribute to the educational developments in Sri Lanka. But as you said there is no ‘integrative approach ‘; as to how the expats can make such a contribution.

      The integrative approach could be a special scheme. Also the government must also provide some incentives for expats who return through this special scheme. Israel has similar scheme which has been very successful.

  6. Modawansa maybe earning dollars for his speeches.Do not know that there were idiots who want to listen to him.He is a looser and the people who listen to this’Hora’ are people without brains

    • Don’t you know the sinhala buddhist stock at Germany??
      Hijacker Al- Italia Sepala Ekanayaka learnt his trade at Germany while selling narcotics then when he had no visa he ran to italy.- this was JR time when he was housed at intercon5 star with his ransom.

    • who are you to judge whether others who wants to listen to Weerawansa have Brains or not.
      You may not want to listen. That is your right. But there may be
      lots of others who wants to listen to him.Let them decide for
      them self. that is democracy.

      • democracy is not what you perceive it to be. The point is to understand not just being born free eg Chavs.

        the ones who plucked their freedom understand democracy- Czechoslovakia, Singapore.
        Pakistan India Ceylon got its democracy by a mere stroke of luck because London could not run a blitzed EEIC. Look at poverty of nations staring on your face.

  7. Mr Weerawansa, YOU MUST SAVE THE NATION, you are the only one who can do this. Please go for a hunger strike , this time in front of the US Embassy

    • please then give him some sleeping tabs.
      if he comes to London then i could give him a packet of 28- take it one gulp Samsara!!

      • Didi, Weerawansa held 4 meetings in London. I went to all his meetings. Why did you miss him? I did’nt even see the shadow of you were you afraid to hand over the 28 ?

        • I never came by boat to be on exile to listen to vas kavi.
          of buru wanse. anyway no sri lankan can beat indian author. Shashi Tharoor address at Oxford.- he has humour.

  8. This moron hadn’t a lavatory to go to not long ago and now cries foul! What an idiot and also are those idiots listening to his claptrap.

  9. Can this so called hero get any one living in Europe to give up the oppertunity to live and raise their kids come and join the racist struggle this idiot is trying to launch ?This is good for the frogs in the Well.The people who know that they can live in peace overseas in Europe Or west can never be attracted by this inciting politicians like Weerawansa.I only hope this man will see what the real development is By travelling through the countries in europe.

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