LOVI: Re-engineering the traditional sarong

DSC_0640CEO of LOVI, Silicon Valley-based technology executive and Sri Lankan native Asanka de Mel is re-engineering the traditional sarong that he knows and loves so well.

The sarong is important to Sri Lankans-according to recent study by SRL (Survey Research Lanka), 70% of households have at least one family member who is wearing sarongs. De Mel says, “Wearing a LOVI sarong is an authentic, bold statement about cultural identity. Especially within the new global ecosystem, we are all seeking to be part of that community and simultaneously stand out as unique.

“I chose the sarong because it is an inherently comfortable and versatile garment, but it needed some functional updates to make it accessible to modern lifestyles. Since we were already reimaging the sarong, we decided to jazz up the garment as well. LOVI is where function meets form in a fun and elegant way.”

The first collection is crafted from cotton handloom fabrics, partly to pay homage to the Ceylonese sarong culture, and partly for the need to create a soft, durable, cool fabric for tropical climates. The sarong designs are inspired by a number of fanciful ideas: vintage rugby jerseys, prints of poppies and palm trees, and materials like leather and ribbons.

Staying true to his technology training de Mel took an engineering approach. He wrote and applied for a patent to protect his innovations, and then followed with careful steps to assure quality and viability from the thread up.

For now, LOVI sarongs are made from Sri Lankan fabrics. But in upcoming collections, we plan to bring in exciting materials available from India to Italy and from Japan to Scotland, for the millions of sarong lovers the world over.

The first collection is available for purchase on lovisarongs.com with shipping in Sri Lanka. Delivery abroad is coming soon.

Designed in San Francisco and made in Sri Lanka by a band of creative collaborators, LOVI crafts a collection of luxury active-wear sarongs for the modern age in a variety of fine, light weight fabrics with bold prints and elegant, understated designs. Founded in 2015, LOVI is designed for the sarong lovers in Sri Lanka and abroad. View the new collection at lovisarongs.com


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