Committee studying PTA in repeal process

WijedasaRajapakseMoves to repeal draconian anti-terrorism laws are gathering pace as Sri Lanka prepares to provide an update to the UN Human Rights Council on the implementation of the resolution on Sri Lanka adopted by the Council this year.

Justice Minister Wijeydasa Rajapaksha told The Sunday Leader that a committee is in the process of closely studying the PTA and what law can be introduced to replace it.

He said that the committee consists of representatives from the office of the President, Prime Minister, Foreign Ministry and Justice Ministry.

The Minister also said that the Law Commission has also been requested to make recommendations on an alternative to the PTA.

However the Minister said that it was very unlikely the PTA will be repealed as early as next month.

The Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) had in September called on the Government to initiate a high-level review of the Prevention of Terrorism Act and its regulations and the Public Security Ordinance Act with a view to their repeal and the formulation of a new national security framework fully compliant with international law.

The Government then went one step further and co-sponsored a resolution at the UN Human Rights Council in September in which a commitment was given to “review the Public Security Ordinance Act and to review and repeal the Prevention of Terrorism Act, and to replace it with anti-terrorism legislation in accordance with contemporary international best practices”.


  1. this whole exercise is how to evade sanctions not any form of accountability or reconciliation.
    like the tigers felt the wrath of 9/11
    lanka sinhala buddhist would feel the wrath of new american administration 21st Jan 2017.- The Trump no nonsense it would bang and boom!..

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