Sri Lankan family in US face deportation

familyA Sri Lankan family in San Antonio in the United States are facing deportation, reported.

The authorities arrested Saman Randeniya during a check-in with immigration officials on December 1, who then warned his wife, Namali, that she and her three children, aged 14, 15 and 18, would be deported if they didn’t leave the country by January 7. Now, Saman is now at the Pearsall Detention Center.

“For my children this [America] is the only home they know. My children do not even call themselves Sri Lankan, the see themselves as Americans,” Namali says in a RAICES press release. “This is where they grew up. My oldest is attending NW Vista College and my younger two children are still attending John Marshall High school. My children would be strangers in Sri Lanka, they don’t even speak our language!”

Generations ago, the Randeniya family fled Sri Lanka. They moved to the U.S. in 2005, according to RAICES, a nonprofit that provides legal services to immigrants. .

The children are all DREAMers, according to RAICES, who are eligible for relief under President Barack Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, which the Supreme Court is taking up after a coalition of states — led by Texas, naturally — sued.

However, they don’t want to stay in the U.S. if their parents are going to be deported, according to RAICES, which says the Randeniya family and supporters have more than 1,200 signatures petitioning the Obama administration to let them stay in San Antonio, where they’ve lived since 2011. Supporters held a rally Monday evening at the family’s place of worship, St. Brigids Church.

“This is a case where the positive contributions of this family to the local community far out-weigh the need for them to be deported. The Obama Administration has the power to grant discretion in this case, allowing for the family to remain here in the United States,” Ingrid Bergquist, a RAICES staff attorney requesting discretion for the family says.” We are hoping the Obama Administration makes the right decision here, and grant parole for the Randeniya family.”

RAICES calls the federal government’s move to deport the family alarming because the children are DREAMers — a group the Obama administration has said are no longer a priority for removal. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. I have nothing to say. But why they are asking for a refuge visa? These are the people who tried to get the benefit of the war. I wonder what this woman say. Why didnt she teach her children to speak her language. Its a shame to behave as foreigners while they are in a temporary visa. Shame on you. Its not because they rejected your visa. Its because you have behaved like big headed idiots.

  2. being a small commonwealth nation the island is offered more green cards than larger nations like india.
    why are these majority Sinhalese spoiling it for the rest of the law abiding citizens??
    If they were hunted like the tamils its understandable.
    these are behaving like the Bangladeshis who even after 40 years of independence are found in every refugee boat to the west.- perhaps same DNA.

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