Nisha Biswal here purely on a private visit

NishaUS Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia Nisha Desai Biswal is in Sri Lanka purely on a private visit.

The US Embassy in Colombo denied reports she was here with a message from the US President or was here to have talks with the Sri Lankan Government.

Biswal had already visited Sri Lanka at least twice this year after the Presidential and Parliamentary elections.

The opposition last week questioned the keen interest the United States is having on Sri Lanka with several top US officials already having visited the country this year. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. The corner shop woman who canvassed for Obama and Kelly was selected as US Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia , over the most senior of staff Athul.
    E-mail ME pipe Hillary left the State Dept. in a state of sex appointments and flux as seen never before.
    School teacher Barry would leave as unpopular man who has caused most of the suffering – never seen so many refugees after WW2
    Its Trumps turn – the great man will win!
    Not recognised at Hindia as an American Biswal, knows her time is limited and she would have to leave.
    Guajarati’s sit on pots of money and forget the Maharashtrian’s who built them from after independence.- Greedy folk who know only their ethnic, and money.
    A disgrace to India and neighbours.

  2. HE President Mahinda Rajapaksa. Sir you should suggest/nominate US Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia Nisha Desai Biswal as the first woman UN Secretary General post in 2016. You are such a generous person/Leader, you will make the US proud, though the US and West and the US Allies in the Sri Lankan political area always depoite and hate such a nice person you are. Noor Nizam. (Your former Press and Information Officer and Political Communication Researcher).

    • It’s not the uneducated world of politics (as SL muslims stealing education from minorities & majority) as yet even in the US- only 1 % of population are Indian. Most of the big names are still Brahmins of South East India. The 1st Desi ambassador from Andhra – today’s director of commerce USA.
      You are fool to forget Samantha Power the Irish woman with all the qualifications that Biswal cannot dream or even her Hubby the Jewish Professor Intellect of Harvard and Yale.


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